Treatise on the ethics of the man-bun

Just popped by after watching the game of thrones premiere to say that I lolled when The Hound trash talked the man bun. Oh Hound, you just keep on being you. Turned into the best character on the show.

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“seems legit”

I had an issue once with “undercover” cops who, after I disbelieved them to the point being on the verge of getting a strong-arm faceplant, admitted that their badges are sometimes stolen, go missing, etc. (not to mention easily faked, look like security guard badges, etc.) Yet they still had the nerve to victim blame me, “been doing this for years, no one else reacts the way you did”. Yeah, because they’re morons who apparently follow strangers who flash a “badge” towards unlit parking lots.

Long story short, I will never spend another penny in Costa Mesa, CA again.

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