Trevor Noah: As someone from South Shithole, I'm offended Mr. President



I guess we should all be glad that he did not refer to those people as “wretched refuse of your teeming shore”.


He wants more people from Norway?? Let’s see-- first he has to arrange for better health care, better retirement, better financial security for workers, and the list goes on and on because Norway is the #1 nation worldwide for the creation of successful new businesses. None of my Norwegian relatives are interested in coming to the US; they think that the US is truly a Sh** Head country.


…And President Trump and the GOP have been plotting a course due shitward for this country.


Yup. A lot of new ride share drivers think it’s just the cost of gas…

…Until a few months later when they’ve put well over 100k miles on their car, and it’s in tatters.

My SO’s brother in law is a mechanic. He sees this all the time.


just talking crude and when you get oil all over you cause it’s coming out of the ground


Not viewable from my shithole country unfortunately…


from his “Mexico is sending us their…” phrasing to this “why aren’t we getting more Norwegians…” it’s abundantly clear that Trump can only grasp the concept of immigration through a lens of human trafficking. I wonder where he would get the idea that people move from country to country by being ordered from a catalogue…


Exactly. Isn’t it obvious that immigrants come from countries in worse shape and not from those in better shape?


Well, that isn’t always true, obviously. But yes, many immigrants are “seeking a better life.”


Strange, none of my Norwegian relatives are interested in coming to the US either…
I’mean, what are the odds?


Pretty good, I’d say.


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