Trevor Noah: As someone from South Shithole, I'm offended Mr. President


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Not to be too nit-picky but it’s Trevor Noah.

An easy mistake to make, when one has a first name as one’s surname.


Gah! More disrespect for the gentleman from South Shithole.



Noah’s funniest bits have been when he busted on the insanity of Jacob Zuma and the ANC – going after the demented and semi-literate U.S. president* and his dysfunctional party must come so easily to him.


I recommend his book, a good read:


Posted by Yoda this was.


Worse writers, there are…


Trevor Noah. Please at least take the time to get his name right.


Well hey, who has time for accuracy when you gotta move fastfastfast in the clickbait economy!


Trump, the leading cause of whiplash since 2016.


Warhol was so ahead of his time. He even foresaw Preznit Trump!


I know that giving the authors (no capital ‘A’) shit is a long observed pass-time in the community, but personally I can give Carla a pass for what’s probably an honest mistake.

I usually find her posts fun and interesting, instead of depressing or alarming; which is a nice change of pace, considering the times we live in.


Yes indeed. FWIW, I was snarking at the current infuriating clickbait/gig economy, instead of the people stuck trying to get by in it.


Real talk.

I took a Lyft home yesterday, and the driver told me he comes out all the way from Sacramento just to get enough fares to break even. That’s totally crazy…


What’s crazier though, the ride out from Sac, or the fact that it sounds like his goal is to break even driving for Lyft? I’d rather sit at home on my ass, to break even, if you ask me!


I imagine people in Haiti and Nigeria are thinking: “Wow, what an ‘asshole country’ the US is!”


News donkey?


No, that’s a propaganda jackass. Common mistake.


You’re right, I did mix them up. Propaganda jackasses, thankfully, are not able to reproduce, right?

I’m hoping I don’t have them mixed up with propaganda mules.