Twitter has a laugh fest over Trump thinking there's a country called Nambia


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Hey be fair now, those African countries change their names all the time. It’s not like he has a job where he needs to know about geopolitical …



Not to be confused with the region of Greater Nambia/Pambia!


Here is the thing. If this was the only gaffe or thing to criticize…like say spelling potato as potatoe…then I would let it slide. It would be an easy enough mistake by any person (regardless of position/status) to make a slip and mispronounce a word.

BUT…given literally everything else we have witnessed, yeah no. Pile it on folks.


Not to be confused with NAMBLA?


It’s the North American Man-Boy Indifference Association


And there’s just so many of them! It’s hard enough keeping track of the two Koreas and the two Chinas. If there’s a diplomatic crisis worthy of his attention from the Republic of the Congo or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his head may explode.

Maybe 45 should get some education from Uncle Stesasonic:


Surprised he didn’t mention Wakanda


Or Equatorial Kundu.


This is so typically Trump. He brought it on himself!! Nobody forced him to talk about African health care. Nobody asked him about it. If you’re going to try to sound like you know what you’re talking about, stick to topics you actually know things about. But he isn’t bright enough to understand this.


Or K’un-Lun.


I had to read the headline three times because my mind kept inserting an extra “i”. I thought “wait, isn’t there a Namibia NW of South Africa” and then I saw what he actually said.


At least he didn’t denounce Narnian aggression.


Fricken Aslan :lion: is trying to oppress me.


Jayzik got the name wrong all this time?


First track I thought of was Destination Africa, by Moody Boyz. But I like the Stetsasonic rap better.


Pop him with a question asking what the US position is on the Erewhon situation.




I remember thinking back in 2003, “Wow, we will never have a President dumber than George W. Bush, so at least things are looking up on that front.”

So even though I am tempted to say “Wow, we will never have a President dumber than Trump” I feel kinda creeped out by it.


Wasn’t Nambia the country we were supposed to donate all of our disused fondue sets to? Seems like the sort of thing that would stick in Trump’s memory.