Twitter has a laugh fest over Trump thinking there's a country called Nambia


He still hasn’t got back to us about Updog.


This is exactly the kind of incompetence we have to expect from that rotting ham with hair. He is horribly, embarassingly, dangerously ignorant, and he has the IQ of a clawhammer. Anyone who voted for him is a traitor to intelligence.



I came here hoping to find that joke, was not disappointed.


He SWAPO’ed a few letters! So what? UNITA move on. Take a FRELIMO home!


Hey! L =/= Indifference


Orange Julius proves there is no rock bottom, just a hole through the Earth and we’ve shot out the other side and are currently hurtling off into the airless void.


Thank Christ he wasn’t president when Russia invaded Georgia.


Better hope he doesn’t read about the next time the Russian military holds a parade in St Petersburg.


That must be the country where his two sons, Beavis and Butthead go so they can bring home an elephants’s ass because its the only one on the same scale as their father’s.


There is so a Nambia! Being masters of disguise, they cleverly rotated the N in their name CCW:


is that over by Uzbekibekibekistan?


Look, y’know, it HAPPENS.

Boney M thought BELFAST was a country and it won them a minor pop hit:



Gaumarjos to that, my little pepela!

ETA: not sure if someone speaking Georgian would find that funny. Anyway.

Oh, BTW, first time I was in Georgia, I was quite astonished about the big portrait at the George W. Bush airport next to the George W. Bush avenue.
I was wondering if there would be any place in the US to be named after him at the time.

Time really changes your perception, does it?


People are being too harsh. It is not easy to get every word right when reading emojis.

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