Trump is back, repeatedly calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"


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Jusr so long as he wants to known as either Grounds Keeper Willie or Siegfried…or both.


For the record, are there any ethnic/racial minorities that Trump hasn’t gone out of his way to offend yet?


But no, he’s going full steam ahead.

ITYM “full stReam ahead” but I’m not sure whether you’re referring to “stream of consciousness” or stream of something else entirely. The former might be more polite but the latter more accurate.


I don’t think he’s said anything about the Finns, but that may be because he has them confused with currency.

I am pretty sure he hasn’t said anything about Bulgarians, but that may be because he’s heard the term “Bulgarian airbag” and has nothing but good to say about that.




Rhodesians love him.


Didn’t Trump promise to be presidential like we wouldn’t believe once he clinched the nomination?


That’s all he’s got?

If this election is gonna be nothing more than a name calling contest, ‘Hil and Liz’ have way more ammunition than the Donald does.


Maybe, but I think that’s primarily an establishment-Republican fantasy (or self-delusion).


Oh geez. I’m running aground on Poe’s Law here.

Also, am reminded of the UCB sketch where a guy decides he hates Laplanders. Didn’t find it on YouTube tho.


Drumpf is kinda’ an ammunition dispenser, like a hideous, hideous Pez. As long as there is a Drumpf there will always be insults to use against him.


He’s like a walking punchline.




The internetz are already on it!


The Anglo-Welsh Canadians. I’m starting to feel left out.


Not sure if you’re just making a joke or if you’re not familiar with the expression, but if the latter, full steam ahead is the usual phrase.


Here he is with his friend Tom in his younger days:


Trump’s a moron. However, there is a prominent female politician associated with Pocahontas, but it’s not Warren.


I believe it was a joke that stream of piss or stream of (pissy) consciousness would better describe his full on double down always shite bluster.

Fascinating and icky really.