Elizabeth Warren publishes a massive, detailed plan for addressing the injustice of US relations with indigenous American peoples

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I am a fan.

This is not 2016, and most every ding against her is recycled from the anti-Hillary litany. They do not apply to her, as far as I can tell.


I guess there’s always Trump’s “Pocahontas!” taunt, which is as childish as any attack ever hurled at Hillary, especially since indigenous people have made it very clear they don’t appreciate Trump’s use of the nickname regardless of Warren’s ancestry. I’m sure that Warren even having a plan for addressing problems facing indigenous Americans will probably renew that nonsense but good on her for not shying away.


And it’s good that she got here first, before others make a thing of it. Which further confirms my positive regard. She can deal, she can make a mistake, and she can recover. I like the ‘little engine who could’ quality of her campaign thus far, and, as she’s now polling 3rd or 2nd regularly, other agree with me.

(Ok, I live in a blue bubble and I love that I do.)


I hope that whoever gets the nomination seriously considers having her tailor these plans to their administration and utilizes them going forward. She has a lot of good ideas and regardless of how the election cycle goes, I hope she gets a job of great responsibility in the White House.

I almost said “whoever gets the nomination, if she does not”, but realized that the sentence stands either way…


Or that she listened to and learned from constituents, particularly those with first hand knowledge, and adjusted her policies to reflect the new understanding?


THIS is how you make policy.


It’s a three-fer. He can mock her for not being indigenous, while treating her as if she was, and he can’t be racist for doing it because she’s “white”.


Indigenous people: Please stop invoking the name of one of our important historical figures as an insult.

Trump: LOL sure thing, Geronimo!


Ugh, there should be no 'okina between the two i’s. “Hawaiian” is the correct spelling here. (The mark introduces a vocal stop, which belngs in “Hawai’i” but not in “Hawaiian”.)

I hope Warren hasn’t made this mistake on a press release.

ETA: Thank you for making the correction.


I’m seeing 1st a lot more recently, *yeeee-eee-eeeah!! :hugs::grin:

*(But not in a “Dean scream” way.)


I doubt he can claim that “some of his best friends…” in this case.

I’ve head it said, not by me but it’s out there, that he’s famously racist towards Indigenous people, I’m just saying.


can someone explain to me how there is not a full dead stop every time the president of the united states uses “pocahontas” as a racial slur?

it’s exactly like using the n-word in that context and then the newsreaders and commentators just keep repeating it, completely horrifying


Because he broke reality by normalizing atrocity. I wish this weren’t true but it seems to be.

Basically he’s so busy being a horrible person by the time we catch up to what he has said or done, with a totally straight face, something that would even 5 years ago be something that ends any normal person’s career, he’s already done 10 other things way worse. And our attention is diverted to trying to process those things the same way we were trying to finish processing the first, and we rarely ever come to a final state of disgust, to express in normal terms, so it just gets washed over in a sea of endless indignation and frothing rage.

I hope that sea boils over in 2020 around November. I’ve had more than enough of this lesser son of even lesser sires


He’s a rapist, thief, racist and liar. He’s clearly been a horrible spouse, parent and boss. He came to political prominence by attacking black people. How anyone overlooks these glaring flaws is horrifying, as you say.


Waiting to see how Native Hawaiians respond to her proposals. Should be interesting.

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Not to mention that when he had some of the last surviving WWII Code Talkers over at the White House for a ceremony ostensibly meant to honor them he decided to have them stand under a portrait of genocidal Indian-killer Andrew Jackson.


And such normalization of atrocity is typically precursor to atrocity itself. Parallels to propaganda in pre-WWII Germany are disturbing. He doesn’t say the worst things himself, instead only implicitly approving it (like with him saying “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”). His supporters do it for him, under the pretense of “humor”. It’s hard not to see similarities to shit like this:


I’m sure we can do something with Trump insisting he is loved by a country that hates him and the fact the degenerate corned beef face syrup wearing wankstain has any connection with it.


Elizabeth Warren is the antidote America needs for the Trump virus. Where Trump is ignorant, slapdash, and mercurial, Warren is thoughtful, detail oriented, and consistent. Where Trump’s instinct is to blow things up or cut things down when they don’t satisfy him, Warren’s instinct is for building and innovation.

Our next president will be faced with a government in disrepair- thousands of positions unfilled and a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge, normally passed down from one administration to the next, simply missing. Sloganeering and bland centrism can’t meet those challenges, but idealism, methodical planning, and creativity can.

I’ve made up my mind, I’d like Warren now, please.