Elizabeth Warren publishes a massive, detailed plan for addressing the injustice of US relations with indigenous American peoples

No prizes for guessing what the Daily Stormer is named after.


Interesting. Don’t know that Trump knew the history of the paper, but substitute liberal for jew, and there’s definitely parallels for their strategy. Not sorry the publisher was executed for war crimes.


I went to do my laundry in a laundromat Thursday night, and after offering to help an old man get Facebook off his phone, who was asking strangers to help him with this, it devolved into a conversation about religion and Trump over the course of four hours.

I’m the kind of person that won’t let fallacy stand and as long as somebody is intelligent and engaging I will try to debate them.

To his credit, he did have a lot of understanding, and it seemed like he was a kind person, but every argument I made against Trump was like nothing critical have any right to exist in his mind. He outright dismissed children being put in concentration camps as fake, and saying we need to stop people from coming here, without any analysis of what that situation entails.

When I told him about Charlottesville and white supremacy being supported by the president of the United States he went on to tell me how he has a black friend who is totally not phased by the fact there was slavery, and how white supremacy doesn’t exist, and number one- how the fake news media only quotes the fine people on both sides part of the speech and not the rest of the speech where he supposedly disavows all this.

I threw every major rational liberal argument at the guy, and forced him to face every major hypocrisy of the Republican party and their embrace simultaneously of biblical values while they support a man who is the opposite of that in every regard, the fact that Republicans care only about human life when they can force it out of a woman so they can shoot it later, I did all this with a lot more grace than I often post here lately.

I even explained Bernie Sanders to the guy, and got through the basic and incorrect socialist argument and he wants to make everything completely free with no strings attached. I explained a few of Bernie’s plans to the guy.

I will continue to try to be a rational person even if it is to my detriment and it always is, but I am quite certain
at this point the people who side with the Republican party don’t even think of the atrocity and the wrong they support at this point.

From my experience with all these people and especially this man- they rationalize any wrongdoing on their part in their own head. Everything is everyone else’s fault but theirs.

I feel like the only way to change things is to outlive these people, because I am certain that I cannot change their minds, they are too warped to help anymore.


That’s not going to work either as long as they keep making new ones. Those assholes in Charlottesville were mostly in their 20s.


Eighty year old, coughing, as he moves his oxygen tank off the seat and invites you to sit down: “Let me tell you about the time I ran into Tucker Carlson, long after he’d retired, at the Thirtieth anniversary of the Dark Web Preservation and Poop-eating Society. Also, here’s a picture of my granddaughter Donalda. She’s pretty and racist.”

He then proceeds to carefully unwrap some poop from a folded piece of cloth, and eats it.


Not only liberal. Look what kind of shit he says about immigrants and Mexicans:

His supporters are united by hate and fear, so to keep being relevant he has to stir up both.


Elizabeth Warren alienated herself to a lot of Native American people by making claims about her “heritage”, which is not simply declaring some quaint aspect of her lineage, but rather trivializes concepts of Native Sovereignty.

This has been highly contentious because white liberal privilege equates any valid criticism of Warren’s ancestry claims as aligning oneself with Trump’s “Pocahontas” smear-by-repetition campaign.

Of course Native folks have heavily criticized both Warren and Trump without a sense of allegiance to either of them. Neither of them have historically ever listened nor been concerned with our issues. We all know Trump HATES Native people and has a huge vendetta against us, but Warren’s antics were more concerning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that white people are discovering their ancient indigenous heritage. But, once again thanks to white privilege, this celebration of white people who are 1/1024th indigenous or whatever eclipses a genuine discussion and understanding of native sovereignty which is constantly being eroded and nibbled away and weakened by white conservatives and judges. Native nations exist within the bounds of the USA, and the two entities are entreated to one another – many of these cultures still thrive and many are re-building themselves, but it has always been a precarious arrangement.

There have been many prominent Natives spokespeople who have urged Warren to stop with the ancestry trope, and instead start championing our issues. After a few rounds of prevarication over the past 5 years, it looks like she finally has come round to that line of thinking.

I think most Native folks could possibly get on board the Warren platform. Most I talk to just kind of say “we’ll see…”


The fact that she’s done this just makes me like her all the more.


Much respect to your other points, but “more concerning” than Donald “Andrew Jackson was right!” Trump?

A guilty liberal that wants to prove herself to the community is intensely better than somebody actively enthusiastic about kicking Native Americans down.


Indigenous people face incredible odds, and Trump’s fatwa against Native Americans is just more of the hateful noise we’ve endured for decades.

But when our “allies” just don’t get it, refuse to get it, appear to belligerently reject our advice, that’s concerning. I think some Natives will begrudgingly accept this as a peace offering, however.


I really hate to point this out, but the image in the article says fulfilling our obligations - this continues the othering of indigenous peoples. I know it is probably not Warren’s intent, but it doesn’t sound like she is speaking to the people she aims to honour here.

I also hate being cynical, but this sounds an awful lot like the platform Trudeau ran on in Canada, but most Indigenous people here would probably say it has been more talk than real action. I have some insight to this as I work for an Indigenous org. In Canada there is a saying - “All these treaties and I’m still not treated right”.

Good on Warren for at least talking about this though.

I think she’s speaking as the putative leader of America, and I think that’s the appropriate pronoun. I think saying “our” attempts to enlist the nation as a whole in writing wrongs, and also if she’d not used “our”, some would claim she was again latching onto indigenous heritage. How would you have suggested she phrase it?


This is right on the money. There is a reason why Dr. King called out white liberals in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”


For the purposes of clarification: there’s a HUGE difference between the treatment of Native American people in USA and Canada.

Most recognized Tribes in the USA are “domestic dependent” sovereign nations, as defined by treaties between the USA and the particular nation, and as reaffirmed historically by a series of key Supreme Court decisions. So any member of one of these tribal nations has dual citizenship in both their own nation and the USA, and in most cases, they pay taxes to the US government. In return for ceding hundreds of thousands of acres of land, the tribes receive housing, education, healthcare, etc. and mineral rights – this last one, mineral rights is hotly contested because the white people love their $$$. In fact, any time that tribal sovereignty interferes with a white man making some dough, you can bet that sovereignty will be eroded.

In Canada, outside of the Haudenosaunee and other tribes outlined in the early treaties, tribes are not generally entreated with. And hence providing them with food and shelter and land rights etc. is more out of a feeling of charity – the white man’s burden redux – rather than strictly defined by legal contract.


Yes, there are young racist ignoramuses, of course. But I think there are fewer them in every new generation of Americans, and once the old ones start dying off, their power and influence will start to wane quickly. (Of course, that’ll likely radicalize the remaining ones further, so it’s going to be interesting couple of decades.)

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This is what you get from a populist politician.

I come from a blue collar homophobic, racist “patriotic” background. What Trump says really IS a more politic, moderated version of the Thanksgiving dinner banter I get to enjoy every year.


I honestly pity you, then. I walked into much of my own hells in all of this, for specific and unique reasons relating to my end dream in life, and never wanted to sign up for that bullshit, but I was not raised in such an atmosphere.

I hope you find peace somehow, I can’t say it is easy for me. Honestly whiskey, cigars, and time on a motorcycle helps me a lot.


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