Trump denies promising $1M to Elizabeth Warren's charity pick if DNA test proved Native American ancestry


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Trumpski, if you’re a little short right now, you can just borrow it from Putin.




Or if it’s a cashflow thing, $500k and his tax return.


No, really? He lied about saying something that he absolutely said, and there is documentary proof that he said? So, it must be a day ending in “Y” right?


It’s been working just fine for him so far, so he might as well keep doing it.


Watch the MSM on this, they will make it about Warren, and not about Trump refusing to give a promised $1M to a charity that helps indigenous women, which is what is actually happening here. Fuck this media for real.


If you are talking about Faux News, you are correct. I would hold fire on the actual media until it happens. Not that they are not capable of assholery, but I consider them more semi-allies than outright enemies in this war against fakery.


Wait. Are you saying he lied when he promised to give money to charity? Like every other time he said that?

I mean he has a track record in taking money in as “charity” and donating it to himself but giving money… no.


If he coughed up what he owes here - he’d have to file for bankruptcy - again.


Cue the goalpost moving from the right about this not being enough, despite it supporting her original claim.


Don’t play the schoolyard bully at his own game. Get him permanently excluded instead.





I read he does this at golf, too. He has a long history of evading gambling debts - I’m not sure if his casinos give back the money you lost. Maybe that’s why they kept going bankrupt?


Well, technically he said if she proved she’s ‘an Indian.’ And there’s no suggestion of South Asian ancestry in the report.


The Pocahontas “slam” has it all: racism, slander, and idiocy. It’s Trump in a nutshell.


What’s more fascinating is watch his supporters/marks tie themselves in knots to defend him. The best suckers, good for repeat business, are ones who go to bat for a grifter even after he’s been exposed.


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It’s sad when you realize how many people have come to think that Fox and their ilk are main stream news, not the originators of fake news and more of an entertainment network where people go to hear “news” that supports (instead of shaping) their opinion.


I’m not talking about Fox News. I’m talking about NBC, CBS, AP, Reuters, and everybody else refusing to say that the president is using racial slurs to attempt to insult the integrity of a sitting senator based on long-discredited “race science.” Every level of it is despicable, and the best they will do is spell-check the name of Pocahontas.