Trevor Noah on Mitch McConnell's squirmy attempt to silence corporate views: "The monster you created is coming after you"

Originally published at: Trevor Noah on Mitch McConnell's squirmy attempt to silence corporate views: "The monster you created is coming after you" | Boing Boing


that’s exactly what i was thinking, too: look, you decided that corporations are people now, so you can’t be upset when “people” suddenly take an interest in politics.

also, i keep meaning to say this, but i love Trevor Noah’s pandemic hair, and i hope he keeps it when things get back to normal for him.


Yes. Most people don’t realize it, but it was conservatives that created cancel culture. What conservatives fail to grasp is that corporations are amoral and have one objective - to increase profits. Conservatives were the first to tie politics to consumer choices and now that the general arc of American culture is bending toward liberalism* it is unsurprisingly coming back to bite them.

*By that, I mean small “l” liberalism. Large corporations are generally fine with trans rights and women’s reproductive rights because a majority of Americans support those things. Just don’t expect MLB or other corporations to start arguing for better working conditions, fair wages, narrowing the wealth gap or other forms of socialism any time soon.


I love all the back to back sound bytes showing off McConnell’s glaring hypocrisy.

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If you want to assume that corporations are people and have political voice(*), then his stance is no different than the voter suppression that the Republican party is already engaged in.

I think it shows Mitch’s sense of entitlement that he thinks he gets to take money from the corporations, and they are supposed to simply stfu.

I think the Lizard is being consistent here.

(*) An assumption I would prefer had never made, but here we are

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If corporations are people then their donations limits should be the same as individuals. If money is speech, then corporations donations should be no greater than an individual’s limits.


You’d think the people behind the Satanic Panic(s) would have learned the core lesson by now. Do not call up that which you cannot put down.

The most important brilliance of a democratic system is the recognition of the opposition as partners, loyal to the same country, that you work with in good faith. The more the GOP throws that away, the more the old specters (from witch trials to fascism), which it was (partially) holding back, return. The more the Democrats ignore them doing it, the closer we get to just obliterating everything of value in society in a meaningless orgy of nihilism.


Band name!


I used to say that McConnell is a whiny bitch. I’m tired of degrading bitches though. Open to replacement suggestions.

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