It's very pleasing to watch Mitch McConnell get chewed out by a constituent


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Remember that even though everything she said is true she was paid by George Soros to be there so it doesn’t count.



At least he was willing to stand there and meet them. My congresscritter hasn’t had any sort of town hall meeting since 2009, basically the whole of the Obama administration.


At first I thought he was gonna tear up, but then he looked like he just wanted her rant to end so he could pivot. His smile at the end shows that he has no empathy to the plight of his constituents.

Oh, Constituant is misspelled. Constituent.


This is a start but the heat will have to rise much, much higher.


I bet he’s thinking of his early years back in the Galapagos.


What comes around, goes around eh Mitchie boy?


I can’t find the video right now but his response was something like, “Do you feel better now?” He is an abomination.


Sheeee-ahhht. The only reasonable response to that would be an F-bomb from everyone present.


Duck and Cover, turtle.


Like this Tweet today by our esteemed VP:

Vice President Pence @VP
ObamaCare will be replaced with something that actually works—bringing freedom and individual responsibility back to American health care.

Where “individual responsibility” is code for “Fuck You, You’re on your own.”


Mitch, Ryan and the POSOTUS are all traitors to America. Mitch and Ryan owe their souls to the corporations who fund them, big oil, wall street and the NRA. They no longer care about people and the POSOTUS never did. Mitch and the boys need to be retired/kicked to the curb or this country will be ruined.


Informative backgrounder on McConnell:


Kicked to the kerb, or kicked in the fork?

Obligatory: why not both?


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Yep. “I got mine, sucks for you.”


It must be, 'cause he’s sure doing a shitty job of it.


I really wish Americans would wake up and turn all their violence inwards.