Trials Frontier: a well-designed motorcycle world exploration game

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Can you comment on the free to play aspect of the game? Whenever I see free to play I get scared.


The game begs for money. Not worth the time.


I had the impression that Trials is one of those games that is about failing over and over and over and over and over again until you manage to perfectly execute exactly one lengthy and precise series of maneuvers with zero margin of error. I guess that might appeal to some?

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If anyone liked Road Rash they should check out Road Redemption. It’s a steam early access game but it isn’t a terrible one where the developers lose interest.

Motorcycles and senseless violence!

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The game throws up a sale every couple of days. I’ve played this for a few months as my one few games I play and I do so because it is not annoying as they balance the need to make money vs. those cheap like me. I COULD get through the game quicker, but I really don’t care to.

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I personally think the whole business model of games based on people buying “bags of coins” for $20 or more is unethical; it’s designed to make money from addictive personalities, the intoxicated or infirm, or kids. I am none of those things, but I still won’t support that model by contributing to their download stats much less their bottom line. Sell me an honest game at an honest price, and I’ll pay. Try to hack my brain to pay hundreds of dollars for Candy Crush, and I object.


There’s a full Trials game on Steam for $20: It has two layers of DRM though. But, slightly less scummy than free-to-play.

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I played this for a while, it starts off quite fun but the freemium aspects soon get in the way; Once you’re competing against other players online if you don’t have time to pick the game up every couple of hours or don’t fancy spending through the nose for extra “tickets” then you’re basically screwed

Not a sandbox game, or a world exploration game. It’s a fun motocross physics based 2D racer/platformer ruined a horrible freemium levelling mechanic that gets in the way.

Would rather pay money outright for the game with all the freemium mechanics ripped out of it. Lasted 15 minutes on my phone before I uninstalled it.

“Free to Play”?

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I’ve been playing the game for over a year and haven’t paid a penny. You CAN move through the game much faster if you pay to upgrade your bike but you can play everything on this game completely free. It just takes longer to get through it which actually appeals to me.

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But competing against other players is a tiny aspect of this game. You don’t have to play against anyone.

Did anyone not like it? It’s the Rock and Roll Racing of motorcycles, sort of. In spirit, I mean. Based on outward appearances Biker Mice From Mars should the Rock and Roll Racing of motorcycles, but we know in our heart of hearts it just isn’t.


True, but if you don’t then you have to grind for much longer to get the parts required to unlock new courses, which isn’t fun either.

The grind always sucks. But you get this in even games that aren’t freemium. I keep this game around as one of the few that I play because it is dead simple, and it doesn’t take much of my life. And the fact that I can only do 10 races before I have to wait an hour? I am in LOVE with the freemium aspect on this because I shouldn’t be playing more than 10 minutes of a game like this in an hour. The fact that a year+ since playing, there are levels that I can unlock? I’m happy with…every so often I get a new map. Yay. Most of the time, I don’t need it.

Same with the upgrades to the bike…I see folks with hacked phones that get all the bikes and upgrades…god this has to be boring. I have certain fully upgraded bike I won’t even play with because it is too easy.

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