Trippy 360 cam of biking down a closed waterslide

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If you’re not a fan of heights, this might not be the best video for you.

With a parachute, no issues here.

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Oh hey, another post from Dubai where they have slavery.

Seriously, give it a rest on Dubai already. Human trafficking and slavery exist everywhere.

Nope. Not gonna do it. I don’t bow to whataboutism either. Just because you can find slavery in other places does not excuse Dubai for its institutionalized slavery and human suffering in the name of profit. Any time I see a post about any place like Dubai, I’m going to mention the slavery. I will not be party to normalization through silence and tacit acceptance.
Furthermore, to suggest we ignore what happens in Dubai because it happens in other places is morally and ethically bankrupt.


Thanks for your thoughts & prayers, armchair preacher. What are you doing about it apart from smugly proclaiming your moral superiority online? If this is the extent of your efforts then yes, maybe you should give it a rest.

I’m going to remind everyone who will read that Dubai is a place of institutionalized slavery and should not be supported. Not much else I can do really. I’m also not going to be silenced because “neat thing in Dubai is neat” or because someone like you decided to be snarky and tell me that I shouldn’t be saying anything.
Go along to get along right? We can all just ignore the suffering if there is a neat vid right?

What are you doing about the slavery in Dubai btw?


@AndreaJames did you post this for mis-identifying the bike in the last video as a bmx? :smirk: :yum:

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Lightweight. Nicole Kidman pioneered this style of riding about 35 years ago.

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