Daredevil couple films 360-degree video atop Millennium Tower in Dubai


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/28/daredevil-couple-films-360-deg.html


OMG, that’s not safe!

Oh wait, different Millennium Tower. Carry on…


Oh dang, vertigo kicking in.


Neato, a place built almost entirely on slavery. BB loves promoting rich people doing things in this horrible place from some reason.

It’s almost as if BB really doesn’t care about human suffering as long as their are pretty photos and rich people.


4:49 of Nope


soooo beautifullllllll…


Are you trying to infer there is no real difference between supporting a place that once had slavery and one that currently has slavery? Or are you perhaps simply indifferent to the suffering of your fellow human as long as their suffering results in a pretty photograph for you to enjoy?


Good thing he has a camera. That way his family has something to show during his funeral in the near future because there won’t be much left of his body after plunging a few hundred meters unto asphalt/rock.


Since I’m replying on an iPhone, probably the latter.


A typically flippant reply one might expect coming from someone who makes light of slavery.

As long as they have this

they have no problem with this


i tried watching the video.

this is why I dont “gopro” while dirtbike riding, or anything else. I just dont have time to edit the footage - - so it would look like this. about 35 seconds of really cool, sprinkled over 4 mins of zzzzzz


Huh, that’s usually Spider-Man’s territory moreso than DareDevil.


I have to say, it doesn’t really look as if she enjoys it as much as he does. In fact she looks terrified at the top! The 360-degree video is amazing though.


Beat me to it. There’s a difference between a smile and a grimace.


Trespassing is still 1 year, 5000 local ($1350US) fine. Probably a lot more dangerous to spend a year in the big house in the UAE than it is to hang out on a skyscraper like that.


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