Watch a model dangle off a skyscraper for a photo shoot


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“Oh, go cry me a river.” –Fay Wray


Not even once.


Seems like a bad idea. :thinking:


It’s in Dubai. It probably is fine according to local occupational safety regs.


What’s kinda sad is that they could have achieved the same shot safely using concealed cables to protect both of them from falling off.

Seems breaking into buildings and doing stupid shit at great heights is popular in Russia right now.

So I dedicate this video to all of them, the loony bastards:



I tried. I really tried to watch it. I wanted to, wanted to push my limits, the boundaries of my fear of heights. My palms were sweaty the moment they got to the roof, long before they got near the edge. All I could think about was my sweaty palms, how she’d never be able to grip them for long, how I’d certainly drop her and would plunge after her.

I will now lay on my carpeted floor and play with lint for a while…

EDIT: I did it… I watched the whole thing. These people are complete and utter numb nuts and I need a stiff drink now.


Wisdom. Young people lack it.


It’s okay. If you land in water, you don’t take fall damage.


It’s too bad no technology exists that would allow us to create such images without putting anyone at risk. Someone should get to work on this.


Or serious cabling and take it out with cg.
I saw one of Jackie Chan’s recent movies and while it had some crazy stunt work when you see the out takes at the end Jackie is quite harnessed and cabled and isn’t risking much harm to himself like he did earlier in his career and they did a great job at hiding it all in post.


Well that was wholly unnecessary.


East European models are cheaper than Photoshop. Ask the President!

(That was mean-spirited, but I just couldn’t resist.)


The view is nice though.


Reminds me of some of Grant Page’s shenanigans in Stunt Rock (1978).

There’s one bit involving a phone call that’s particularly apropos, but I don’t think its on the trailer.


Having a Barbara Kruger moment looking at this YOU WILL CONSTRUCT ELABORATE RITUALS THAT MANIFEST YOUR HATRED OF WOMEN, something like that.


…at least for foreign workers…


I pooped myself.


I love Russian culture, but always wonder if they are genetically pre-disposed to be crazy.