Trippy electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack on Mister Rogers (1968)


The dancer’s name is Esther Nelson. She collaborated with Bruce Haack to make five children’s records.


I think if Fred Rogers had been any more awesome, the Earth would have simply imploded.


He also did this, which echoes the lament of a lot of those star children a few years after the psychedelic dream seemed to have been crushed under the iron fist of materialism.

Bruce Haack : Blow Job

Pesco. He who takes away with one hand, and gives with the other.

…to tell an epic story of the battle between heaven and hell.

God created the Sex Pistols to put an end to prog like this.

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There is no polemic between Prog and Punk in an historical context. Viewing the history of music in localized tribal terms becomes subsumed within a broader understanding of the history of (recorded) music. To maintain the polemic is funny, but only within its own context (guys in Anarchy t-shirts with spiky hair taking the piss out of space-cases in Cannabis symbol patchouli soaked t-shirts with greasy long hair), not in the broader context, where so-called Prog and Punk are being created in the same songs, like in Psychedelic Garage Punk for instance.

John Lydon pre-Sex Pistols, a photo he chose to have displayed in his book No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs. Since he became more financially secure after escaping the financial clutches of long term record industry “debt” he has contributed a lot of money to children’s charities.

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I’l take any excuse to share this link to an extended (4 1/2 hours total) interview with Fred Rogers at the Archive of American Television. It’s worth every minute of the time.


if you can find it, i remember watching “Haack: the King of Techno” 10 years ago. very interesting. I also enjoyed the tribute album (you can get it thru amazon still I think):

Dimension Mix: A Tribute to Dimension 5 Records

which includes Beck doing “Funky Lil Song”

Thanks for the share. I love how Mr. Rogers interacts with them - I think if I were a kid right afterward I’d go empty out my silverware drawer, turn the tray upside down, clap at it and run around the room making bicycle movements and pretending I had a super amazing musical computer.


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