Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits the world's greatest deliberative body... for him to poop on!

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Ever notice that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is just a ripoff of Ed the Sock?

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I mean, who among us would not lie for rubles?


The US Senate is a human poop infested dead zone, leave the poor dogs alone.

P.S. Speaking of human feces, this bag of sh!t wrapped in human flesh is getting an award from tRump, for being possibly the worst human living…Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 3.24.02 PM


Well, he’s getting it for dying, so it is kind of a mixed bag?

(Note: I wouldn’t wish lung cancer on anyone.)


I needed that laugh today. Triumph (and his producer Smigel) never fail to deliver for me.


I’m a cancer survivor, no I wouldn’t either, but I won’t miss the hate filled swine one bit.


I wish I could still find this stuff funny.


Isn’t he like 200 in dog years?


I love Triumph. :slight_smile:


I’m alternating between trying to have sympathy for the man’s plight (because cancer is a vile thing) and feeling nauseated glee at the prospect of knowing he’s suffering a small portion of the pain, misery, and fear that he has actively sought to instill in other people who are far more innocent than he is. I feel the glee, but I’m not proud of it and I want to feel the other thing. The ultimate thing that is making it hard to be a better person on this front is knowing that he’s wealthy enough from his hate-gold that he will have top notch medical care in spite of having fought against others having such access.


Everyone’s going to die of something (at least in our current incarnations), and these days for a lot of people, that means cancer of some sort. It’s in all of our bodies all the time, so not much of a surprise there, especially as lifespans increase, yet many of us still live unhealthy lifestyles, by choice or force. I feel the same about Limbaugh getting cancer as anybody else who gets a disease.

As a nondualist, I wish the entity currently masquerading as Rush Limbaugh all the best in its karmic journey and the yoga it is engaged in on behalf of The One. :om:

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he landed some good ones on Lindsey Graham !


How is he on CBS instead of NBC? IIRC, TBS can’t use him?

“I have lettuce!” :rofl:


I don’t know if that’s fair. The name “Triumph the insult comic dog” sort of assumes that we already accept that an “insult comic” is a thing. Ed the Sock wasn’t the first one. I could say they are both rip offs of Joan Rivers (hardly the original insult comic, but the one that it seemed funniest to bring up as an example of an insult comic).


The only people I feel regretful here are the security guys that have to do their work of enduring all this while they dont have any reason to be.

Just for giggles, I googled “Greek insult comic”, which brought up


it sucks now but the precedent of rewarding media figures is set, and i can’t wait for the chapos to get theirs from president sanders

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i’ve been partial to describing myself as having “big diogenes energy”

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