Trix box art on even more insane progression than Lucky Charms


I think the natural progression is that 2010 Rabbit’s mouth is open so far, he’s about to turn himself inside out.

Therefore there needs to be some illustrated version of this
(Plastinated Rabbit Circulatory System)


I’m NOT clicking on that link


Meth. Sad.

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That’s twice now, Rob. Why won’t you bring back the cure for cancer? Or at least the results for the next several Super Bowls?

I think his wish was corrupted and that’s all he can bring back.

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Trix are for kids; alcohol is for adults; meth is for rural folks; weed is for stoners…

The list goes on, why must we create such devisive realities (aside from not wanting to be an ant colony).

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For a second there I thought the ears were human fingers with fingernails at the end. A lost opportunity.

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I know that I’m not the first to make this observation but the oldest versions of these boxes are almost always pretty cool. Who commissions these horrible ‘airbrushed’ versions?

On a related note, I remember wondering why, in the early '90s (late '80s?), Coca-Cola (and others) started getting all those gold and silver stripes, textured areas, coloured badges, and faux water droplets etc

It’s horrible, why do they do it?


Advertising styles (which include actual ads, but also logos, corporate names, and packaging) go in waves. One will be successful, and the rest follow like a herd until the next great thing. “See how successful that guy is? You need to do the same thing so you can be successful, too.” At one point everyone starting using the suffix -ent at the end of new corporate names: Lucent, Taligent, Agilent, Comergent, and so on. You can tell when a company was rounded or rebranded based on that. Same thing here, I’m guessing.

Who did this?

I think it needs a Dubstep sound track.

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Even in context, that comment is odd :slight_smile:

[quote=“Kimmo, post:12, topic:34182”]Who did this?[/quote]Mr. Exploding Zombies, if the original post is any indication.

That was a silent ETA. Rob hates me so of course I get no cred for bailing him up on attribution.

Sigh. I just found this because @Kimmo is still going on about it in another thread.

The attribution was there from the very beginning, from the instant the post was published.

The artist is seemingly no longer active at Deviantart, but I notified them all the same (via PM and on the artwork’s comment thread.)

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