Truck driver plows into people in New York bike lane, multiple deaths reported


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Oh FFS, hasn’t there been enough mindless fuckery already???


When plowing into a bike lane, a motorist has to be extra clear about their ideology to avoid being mistaken for merely atypically motivated.


If I were a desperate sick loner who decided violence was the answer, I’m pretty sure my ego (were it in that broken place where a human ego would feel gratified by violence) would as part of the same (temporary or permanent) mental deficiency - want to be remembered as part of something.

What a sick fuck. I will be astonished if this was more than a single deranged man with a truck and broken ego.


(too soon)


Ah crap. I was wondering what the helicopters were buzzing about for.


We’re not going to let them win. If we change our lives, and we contort to them, they win and we lose.

But we will, again.


We’re living in world where terrorism has already won. That asshole didn’t get the memo.


We’re living in a world where our own terrorism is coming back to roost.


I think this is true for most of the attacks claimed by Daesh.


I don’t think this is the reason why…


What astonishes me is that anything a Muslim says is doubted, diminished, and sidelined by conservatives/republicans/etc - except when one claims violence as part of a group. Then their word is PROOF.

Almost like fear is the mind killer or something.


Yeah, I don’t actually think “they hate us for our freedoms” so much as for the sheer amount of our GDP annually dropped from great height onto their homes and loved ones.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to de-escalate ourselves, countrymen.

Maybe it’s time we stop punching down so much.

We’re FREE to, after all, aren’t we? free, to not?


So now DeBlasio calls this “a particularly cowardly act of terror”. I’m with Bill Maher on this one. Suicide attack is lots of things, cowardly it’s not. Attacking civilians was traditionally considered cowardly because they were unlikely to defend themselves. But cowardice is defined by AVOIDING putting your life at risk, not by your targets.


And it wasn’t even the idiot’s own truck- he had to go and ruin someone else’s truck. Which means that if we have to go an rent a truck at the home depot, we’ll need to go through a whole slew of extra security and other crapola because of this one stupid chum-bucket.

This is why we can’t have anything nice.


Not in the playbook of the ones pushing the buttons and who have lots to gain by helping their multinational buddies have easier access to Middle East oil or by helping them get yet another Burger King into Saudi Arabia.


My deepest sympathies to all those affected.


Yes this, and I am with you, my sympathy to all harmed by this POS. I’m so sick of this kind of crap and yes he is a coward sitting wrapped in the protection of a truck and striking down helpless people


Can Friday show up early this week?


The people who want to staunch immigration are cowards; so fearful of the entirety of a huge group due to the actions of the relative few.