Trucks spray manure on government buildings




Inspired directly by Saints Row, or a coincidence?

Septic Avenger minigame


I’d be pretty sure that doing that in the USA would be deemed ‘Terrorism’.

Or is it protected by the Number Two Amendment?



french farmers seem to be under an impression that the world owes them a living regardless of their output.


Guaranteed to keep the tigers away.


Some people would pay pretty good money for that kind of output. Just gotta find the right kinks…


Stop smirking! It’s not funny!


French farmers aren’t afraid to speak truth to power. Where do you come off insinuating French farmers think the world owes them a living? The U.S. gov’t (the tax payers) are subsidising Big Ag (corporations) even paying them NOT to grow crops but that doesn’t bother you. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


I find the French people’s disdain for American-style food production quite admirable. Our own leaders here in the USA claim our food is the same as theirs, but somehow the French are healthier and longer-lived on their traditional diet than we are eating space-age corporate effluvium.


Can’t that shit be used to put out fires or something? What a shame to waste it.


That is pretty gross, I wonder how much Taco Bell they had to feed that truck first.


Here’s one analysis that predicts this.


there is a famous bit of video with a french wine maker where he says (from the time when much french wine was undrinkable to a modern pallet) “the government should pay us to make the wine even if no one wants to buy it”

You can’t make a living with 3 cows and a goat without government assistance.
The common agricultural policy is welfare for lazy and inept farmers and needs scrapping.


queef queef …


I wonder if the were playing Badfinger’s Magic Christian Music while spraying them.


If it’s famous, surely it’s on the Internet? Can you provide a link? I’d like to see the context around that, to see whether the justification given for it was the same as that used by US corporations who say the same sort of things. I’m wondering if it’s the usually buggy whips, GMOs and Mustangs anti-free-market drivel, if you know what I mean, or some uniquely French thing.


Oh, the French have been doing stuff like this forever. That’s what happens when you have a revolution, but don’t then apologise for cutting the king’s head off and give the job to his son, like we did in England. I admire enormously their tendency to go outside and set things on fire and/or throw them when their government pisses them off. It’s endearing.


I’d say it’s probably the other way around (although these pictures are from Belgium):


While I don’t know if they apologised, they did give the job to his brother.