True Detective drops more hints about the possible identity of the Yellow King [Recap: season 1, episode 6]

He wants to be a True Detective and find Truth. Where Marty is just navigating life according to social expectations (marrying, having a family etc etc), Rust doesn’t care, because he knows that he lives for the hunt.

or maybe he wants to avenge his daughter, who maybe wasn’t hit by a car…

What got my attention was when the present day detectives stated that Tuttle overdosed two years prior (2012 or so) a couple of weeks after his houses were broken into. Coyle likely took something.

Yes the names are interesting Marty Hart (deer) and Rust Cohle (coil, spiral).

Or judging by the scream for next weeks promo, maybe the horns are because Hart is the victim.

Maybe the segways appearing in the scene was a symbolic reference to the first and fourth stories of the King in Yellow, “The Repairer of Reputations” and “The Yellow Sign,” which are set in an imagined future?

Isn’t it a GIANT man with scars?

“The one scene so far that only has her, without any relation to Rust or Marty, is the brief one at the bar, where she initially plans to act out her infidelity.”

Maybe the man in the bar is the yellow king…

Thought maybe Rev Tuttle looked good for it since he’s a big guy, then again, no scars and wouldn’t get himself dirty like that. But he knows the killer. The killer may have provided him with children for pleasure. The killer thinks Tuttle has some evidence to incriminate him, so does the B&Es to get the evidence, finds nothing, then forces Tuttle to take the overdose to avoid possibility that Tuttle will squeal. Also check Tuttle’s close associates for a lover, son, nephew or protégé who is a big guy with scars. Or for someone close with whom Tuttle was keeping mutual dirty secrets or someone funding Tuttle’s addiction to power and money.

Nah, take it from a woman. Maggie was just using Rust to get revenge on Marty. It’s why Rust got so angry and threw her out after the screw: he knew in that moment that he was nothing but a tool in the war between them, and he was angry with himself for allowing himself to be drawn into their feud.

I think the method here is finding the criminal by exploring the shared flaws in the detectives. So each clue tells you something about the detectives and the killer at the same time. But adults also look big to little kids.

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