True, strange tales of extinction


I wonder what Dodos tasted of? Chicken?

Don’t know what’s the better death: clubbed by stupid seamen in a raging storm, or death by old age at Disney. Horrible, the choices.

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Maggie… Actually illustrated by Jeannette Langmead.

The entire population of the Stephens Island Wren.

Done in by Tibbles the Cat.

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Does anyone remember the Great Auk being the mascot of an Apple-II based trivia game?

It’s time to let poor Press Clay Southworth off the hook for killing the last passenger pigeon in the wild. Milikin University has one they collected in the field in 1901, and the last wild pigeon I know of was shot (and documented) in Indiana in 1902.

The final scion, “Martha” died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914.

The last Great Auk was clubbed to death by fishermen for the crime of witchcraft.

Good story, but that wasn’t the last Great Auk- just the last Great Auk in the British Isles. The last pair was killed by Icelandic fishermen four years later.

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