Trump ad says "support our troops" but uses stock photo of Russian fighter jets

Somehow I picture the exchange between the Israelis and the Arabs going something like “Get a load of that clown” and engaging in peacful discourse after sharing a laugh.


I don’t know about the rest of the diplomatic team that is coming with Netanyahu, but he himself is a Trumper through and through. He named a community in the Golan Heights after Trump. He loves Trump because he helped him dismantle the last remaining shred of hope for Oslo, which he’s always hated.


You do have a point there. This could prove to be a serious boost for the orange clown.

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To some, who probably already support him, I guess. To those of us who actually give a shit about the peace process and about getting a real and equitable outcome for both the Israelis and Palestinians, no, it won’t. I really can’t see this doing anything else other than alienating the Palestinians further and taking us way on back to how things were prior to Oslo, which at least gave us some hope for a future peace deal.


Peace where there was no war. :man_shrugging:


The cult of the orange clown will call it a win.


Oh! Is this like that stunning peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, where everyone involved agreed to it (I mean, other than the Palestinians…)

I mean, not to discount the achievement, but it is somewhat easier to negotiate a peace treaty when one side dictates it to the other…


The trouble with local (USA) reaction to the “peace” deal is that the majority of the electorate have bought into the narrative that the Palestinians are Islamic terrorists who are already getting more than they deserve. The only place I ever hear empathy for the Palestinian cause is among progressive activists. Everyone else either doesn’t give a shirt or else is actively hostile.

In my opinion one of the propaganda triumphs of the late 20th century was the successful conflation of the political state of Israel with Judaism, so that any criticism of Israeli political activity is by definition “anti-Semitism.” Iran has tried to make such a connection between their state and Islam, but it hasn’t stuck. I’m sure Mike Pence would love to conflate the USA and Christianity. It gives one an immense amount of control over the narrative when even the smallest protest against a nation’s secular actions is blasphemy against the Big Guy Upstairs.


The Palestinians never got any empathy or support from the overwhelming majority of Arabs. Your comment about everyone else either doesn’t give a flip or is actively hostile is true not only of most Americans, but also of both the leaders and the populace of the entire Middle East.

Mike Pence does conflate the USA and Christianity, in his own mind. He’s wrong to do so, but he does. He tries to get other people to conflate them, and he’s wrong to do that. He would love to be able to officially use religion as a control measure.

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Yeah, not only were they not at war, but Bahrain and the UAE have never been at war with Israel. “Peace Deal” is not the right terminology for these accords.


Bribery seems more apt.

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