Trump and his allies plan to make him a dictator, reports NY Times

You really must not ‘internet’ much.

BB ain’t hardly perfect, but the vast majority of the Regular community here is far more reasoned and rational than most forums that I have frequented in my time.

Perhaps try phrasing your comments more thoughtfully to avoid finding yourself being so misunderstood on such a frequent basis.


So he walks like one, talks like one, hates and steals and incites violence like one, but it would be ridiculous to call him an actual fascist, because…

Shame you feel so persecuted. You should try being a minority some time.


I’m pretty sure the man who rejected black applicants for his apartments and called on the Central Park Five to be executed is not just pretending to be prejudiced for the camera. He found people who love how horrible he is but he was already a racist, misogynist, and so on.


That’s dissembling. Your statement wasn’t that there were no distinctions between them- but that there were no meaningful differences.

And your analogy is flawed. There are at least three sides to a coin in our dimensional space.


As we used to say when discussing civil rights legislation and politicians - I don’t care what’s in his heart - I care what he votes for. What he does.


Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here, “grindin’” for no legitimate fucking reason at all

THAT. :clap:t5: PART. :clap:t5:


And this where we disagree. The implication is that the differences are for show, and functionally without meaning. Except if one is trans, then the differences are literally life and death. Or a woman, whose rights to her own body are apparently up for debate. Or Black, LGBTQ, immigrant, poor and so on. For straight, cis, white guys with money in the bank, i might agree, it doesn’t matter much who is in power. Thing is, that is said from a position of extreme privilege, so much so that it does not even see the privilege. Yes, for me, personally, it won’t matter much who is in charge. I will be fine. Personally, that is. But i have family members, friends, people i care deeply about who are in those catagories. They have to care, the outcome will affect them deeply and personally. I have that privilege, but i see it and refuse to let it blind me to what is happening to my loved ones who do not. As i said, i would prefer the Dems to be actual progressives, rather than a center-right party such as they are. But in the US we have a pretty fixed, 2-party system, and the other party is openly fascist, seeks to establish a Christofascist, authoritarian dictatorship. Given the options, i choose center-right, knowing i and mine at least have a voice at the table rather than a spot in the camps. It really is that simple. And i will work to move the party leftward. Because the alternative is absolutely unthinkable.


The difference being, one may have a voice at the table more than once.


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There are certainly some in the GOP who don’t really believe in this shit, and spout it for the votes… but far too many ARE true believers, and those that aren’t are going along with it. So that’s what matters…


Other than putting judges on benches, Trump was too disorganized and self-interested to do much of anything else when he was in office. Why would his second go around be any different?

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He did a SHITLOAD of actual damage and he could do more.

I will point out, once again, the fascism isn’t about some brilliant political strategies. It’s very much about using forms of force to take power, subverting existing institutions via some popular support, and pinning the blame on some outgroup. It does not take a great deal of smarts to follow that play book, and Trump has the complicity of a great deal of the GOP right now, who are willing to do all they can to shove his agenda through.


Certainly, the Trumpists were as paranoid about the prospect of President Clinton, as we are about the prospect of Trump winning against Biden.


Absolute horse shit. Even leaving aside the incredible damage those judges have done. Do a google. The harm he caused is very well documented.
The fact that you could say that with a straight face is a example of the privilege blindness @docosc was taking about. Or you lived the last 7 years under a rock.
Or did you just conveniently forget about the policy he implemented to separate children from their parents at the border and how his administration did nothing when some of those children were lost and could not be found? Or COVID. Maybe you slept through COVID.


Holy Dechronization! Is that satire?


We could spend all day linking to sources outlining how much damage he and the people he personally chose to lead important agencies did and still not run out of unique instances. The shit he allowed Stephen Miller to do would take hours all by itself


Concentration camps for migrant children, ripped from their families and thrown in cages. As people have said there are countless examples of things he did…but how is that one example not etched in everyone’s minds, and enough on its own?


You mean like this guy’s coin? Sorry, but I don’t want the United States to be subject to another four years under the influence of his scarred coin face.


Someone who is smarter and/or more articulate than Trump is absolutely going to come along and do it better than he did, and there is nothing you can do about it because America has locked itself into a 2 party system that looks a bit like democracy if you squint, but isn’t really.
Also, this new republican (because it will be a republican) will need to be less lazy and less feckless than Trump as well, but those are low bars.
I have no idea what will happen once the pretence is stripped away, but I suspect you’ll be forced to pretend everything is fine and this is how the system is supposed to work.
either that or a lot of people are going to die.


… superficially, Christie is the most Trump-like of the Trump clones, but he doesn’t play the alt-right “joking/not joking” game like Trump does

Trump isn’t just a scary asshole, he’s also sort of a comedian — he’s putting on a show in a way that his competitors don’t know how to do :clown_face: