Trump and his allies plan to make him a dictator, reports NY Times

Trump delivers all his lines like a stand up comedian, but his only material is “people love me” and “there’s something going on there”.


… nobody who’s trying to be serious and legitimate (like Chris Christie) can compete with shit like


Not prosecuting Nixon was the dumbest thing Ford ever did and it set the stage for what we have now.


That’s not true (see above) and anyway he’s got people to do the donkey work of building a dictatorship for him.


What the FBI said was that they were reviewing if they would have to reopen their investigation.

What the Republican Senate leaders said was that the FBI had reopened their investigation. i.e. They lied, the Director didn’t correct them, the press didn’t tag them on it immediately, Fox and friends pumped it, so that became the narrative.


The old unitary executive theory.


No, I have been following things quite well. I don’t mean that he can’t/hasn’t done tons of damage, just that he isn’t some mastermind that is pulling the strings to armageddon.

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The OUTCOME is what matters, and the current iteration of the GOP that he helped to unleash is causing major problems. One does not have to be a political mastermind to do that. They have to be bent on doing it, and he and those aligned with him are aligned on tearing this country down and rebuilding it in their own fascist image.


They never are. Smash enough support beams and disaster happens on its own, especially right now when so much infrastructure and our whole environment is collapsing from inaction.


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Wait, what?

Kind of seems like that’s exactly what you said.


Yup. It is easy to tear shit down. A lot of times, all you have to is stop maintaining it. Witness our national infrastructure! To build or create takes work, planning, commitment. Destruction takes little to none. A lot of why the fascists are so goodcat it. But look at the mess that occurs when they actually try to build. Looking at you, DeVoss.


We cannot afford to downplay in the least the dangers created by and the damage done by him, by his minions, by his movement, by what is now undeniably his duopoly party, and by those he’s simply emboldened to be more open about their hate.

You know who else smug and complacent people said was a bombastic clown who wouldn’t be able to do any real harm…?


I’d go further back: not stamping all over those rich evil bastards after Smedley Butler outed them.


I did not make that statement nor would I. I’m a poor communicator, sure, but nothing I said even implied that. If I say you and I are both mammals, I have not stated we have no meaningful differences.

Valid critique, I’ll try to find a better analogy.

Then we are allies. But it seems to me that simping for amoral power hungry leadership is exactly the path the Republicans took to get where they are. Biden stridently opposed school desegregation and said it was not moral and I heard him with my own two ears. He personally was deeply involved in the trashing of the public school system in my state. But he changed, because we made it necessary for him to change in order to gain more power. He didn’t change because we said his party must not ever be called fascists (quite the opposite, in fact) or because we claimed people like Manchin and Sinema and Cuellar and RFK jr are not Real Democrats™. He changed because my neighbors and I wouldn’t forgive him based on some kind of bullshit cultish party loyalty that doesn’t allow valid criticism of the will to power. The two party system is a fascist system - they have the freaking rods and fasces blazoned on the walls of their chambers, it’s not exactly hidden.

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So, voting in fascists it stick it to third way dems is a winning strategy because… you’re willing to sacrifice the rights women, the LGBQT+ community, voting rights for Black Americans, protections for immigrants, any religions other than White Nationalist Christanity, etc? That is what the Republican party is RIGHT NOW. To say that both are a fascist party is a VAST distortion of what is actually happening. Yes, there is plenty to of criticism to level at the Democratic party establishment. But they are currently the big tent party, with a variety of views. They are the only party focusing on issues that do matter, and the only party willing to encompass a variety of ideas. And what you said about Biden was true - he was deeply problematic and certainly ushered in the third way system (and tough on crime legislation, and Clarence Thomas, etc, etc). But he has also gotten some shit done that is worthwhile, and has left behind those older views that he held. He’s not the best candidate, but he’s better than a LITERAL FUCKING FASCIST in the white house.

You voting away the rights of others is ONLY going to usher in an actual fascist state faster. It’s not helpful. You want the Democratic party to be more progressive, then you need to be a part of the party. If you want more options, then by all means, work for a third party, even if you’re still voting for the Democratic party if you’re in a swing state. But don’t act like the rest of us are idiots for trying to do what we can to deal with the ACTUAL FASCISTS that are a threat to many of us and our ability to do things like vote and live a life with some autonomy. That is on the line right now. YOU might not be personal impacted by the ACTUAL FASCISTS but I promise you that people you care about are.


The fasces remained in use in many societies after World War II due to its already having been adopted and incorporated into the iconography of numerous governments outside Italy, prior to Mussolini. Such iconographical use persists in governmental and various other contexts.


If you vote for a centrist it’s no different than voting for a fascist. True fact.


Of course, Americans who self-identify as “centrists” or “moderates” or “independents” (rather than as Dems or Republicans) tend to be smug, self-satisfied edgelord contrarians who also tend – for some strange reason – to be white cis-het males. American Greens and Libertarians (and perhaps in the future No Labels) followers are other examples of the type.

These nitwits (along with leftier-than-thou brocialists) always end up enabling fascists.