Trump and Macron strike deal to end feud over France’s tax on tech giants

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Why illustrate a story about Trump and Macron with a photo of Trump and Trudeau?
edited to add: I see that they have changed the photo.


Must have been the socks.


Well they ARE glorious socks.


Macron trolls Trump at the G7 summit by inviting Iran’s foreign minister


Macron and the others must leave the conference every day shaking their heads in wonder at the idea that they have to humour this narcissistic orange weirdo with a crazy combover – all that life’s work to climb the greasy pole, and an overgrown 11-year-old bully is at the top of it.


I wonder what the agreement contains. If I were Macron, I’d have dangled the prospect of being the guest of honour at the next Bastille Day military parade in front of the orange lump, or made some noises about Paris really needing more hotel and office space.


Tax French wines will make California wines more attractive. It’s a lesser of two evils for Trump.


There are only two real questions here: How much did Macron promise to pay Trump, and how does Macron plan to move the money?

“We have reached a very good agreement,” Macron said

I guess it’s true, then. If Trump had said that, you could be certain that there was no agreement at all. That they hadn’t even discussed an agreement. That there never would be an agreement.

That story is so weird. Apparently Trump was part of a large discussion in which something was (collectively) decided. Asked about it later, Trump had no idea the discussion had even happened, much less what had been decided. The foreign minister was apparently there as a result of the decision that Trump blanked.

The hazards of having a president with severe cognitive issues.


“Illegitimate US president Donald Trump and French Trump-act-alike-contest-winner and not particularly legitimate Emmanuel Macron”


My president lies too, you know.


I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek. It’s just that when Trump makes a statement, you can be quite certain it definitely isn’t.


I was snarky too, but we can bond other the fact both of our presidents are lying a lot.
Mine do it slightly better though.


The problem with the comparison is that Trump doesn’t “lie” in the usual political sense. Politicians spin, dissemble, distract, deny (something that’s true) with various degrees of frequency. Trump’s simply entirely disconnected from reality.


Biff BS’s more frequently than he lies.


Yeah, exactly, that’s part of what I was trying to get at. That:
a) People talk about politicians “lying” when they’re bending or spinning the truth, or not wanting to talk about something that would be politically damaging to them (even if it’s not something they’ve done; just publicly acknowledging some realities can be bad for a politician).
b) People talk about Trump as if he were just like other politicians in this regard, differing only in degree, perhaps.

The reality is that Trump is engaging in a whole other set of behaviors. If he were lying, he would know and care about the truth, but reality doesn’t even come into it. Bullshit is so, so much more politically corrosive than actually lying (which politicians don’t even do that much of, normally). And with Trump, it’s all bullshit, all the time.

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