Trump bible's FAQ warns readers of its unsavory content (video)

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Yeah, there’s that, and also:


Somewhat related: the Trump Bible may let Trumpers express their contempt for the old Christianity of “Love thy Neighbor” and “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men” and fully embrace the new Christianity and its new bewigged Messiah.


Somehow I am getting a (cough) Scientology 2.0 vibe from this whole thing.

Their grift is to masquerade as a religion to avoid any oversight. But alas, they don’t have it in their budget to produce any original content for their MAGA followers, who wouldn’t be bothered to read it anyways.


What’s so fucking funny is if a billionaire really cared about sharing the word of Christ, they would just give out Bibles. Like the Gideons.

Grifting bibles I am pretty sure has a special level in hell.


Someone get midjourney to mock up a biblical style drawing of bad-ass Jesus chasing Trumpy out of the Temple with a whip.

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The interesting part of all this is that this is not a brand new and exciting grift from the bloated former president - it’s a second coming of a post-9/11 grift by singer Lee Greenwood (“Good Bless the USA”). Greenwood started selling this as soon as his name was tied to “Patriotism”, and kicked off years of bad reviews and criticisms on the internet based on bad production quality, inappropriate glorification of the US Government within a religious scripture, unresponsive complaint lines, and delivery times that ran up to a year behind schedule. Trump has partnered with Greenwood’s company to sell these same Bibles to gullible, manipulated and exploited Christians. (Originally, the book was planned to be the NIV version of the Bible, but went to the KJV because that one was copyright free). I’ll wager these “new” bibles with “sticky” pages have actually been sitting in a warehouse for ten years.


But if it is all a ruse for churches to funnel money to him, they really won’t care if the orders aren’t fulfilled. And I bet their chosen auditors won’t, either.

Is is just me, or do warnings about content sound a little “woke,” as the assholes would say.


“The characters are totally not believable, some chapters are unbearably tedious (you can just skip “Numbers” altogether), and even the best parts make no sense-- so he’s god, but also somehow the son of god, and then his father sacrifices him (himself?) to save everyone from the sins he gave everyone in the first place? Cuckoo! Then there’s that weird ass epilogue about the seven headed beast, some cool imagery but not worth the wait. Two stars, because at least the pages make good rolling papers.”


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