Trump 'catch and kill': SDNY won't prosecute National Enquirer (AMI) because they're helping investigators


SDNY is on a roll!


Seems like the dominoes are falling faster now…


I sure as hell hope so…


Wasn’t there a safe in question? Contents currently unaccounted for?



What’s this about a safe?


Pecker Problems Persist for Pusillanimous President Pussygrabber

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

So SDNY is going to squeeze Pecker? Are they gong to manhandle Pecker? Yank Pecker until he breaks? Beat Pecker?


They will suck Pecker dry!


“Inquiring minds want to know.”




The funny/ironic/sad part of this is that (if the Access Hollywood tape is any indication) neither McDougal’s nor Daniels’ stories would have made any difference to the people who voted Trump.

“I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose voters.”


Corporations never suffer the consequences of their actions. They aren’t people.
Wait… Isn’t it the other way around?


Unfortunately there are an awful lot of dominoes between here and the end.


Individual-1 is so screwed. The problem is he isn’t even ashamed, just dials up to the lies to 11 and still doesn’t understand the consequences for all he’s done to this country.


Man - as if this shit show couldn’t get any more trashy.

Tick, tock. When is this going to culminate into actual action? If I sound impatient, I have been asking this for nearly 2 years.



Trump must RESIGN!


And yet we still get a weekly recap of many of AMI’s publications’ content here on BB.


If/when the GOP feels like they have more to lose by keeping Trump around than they do by letting him fall. Not a minute before that. Maybe the Mueller report will tip that balance, but I wouldn’t count on any sense of moral or legal responsibility suddenly appearing in Mitch McConnell’s soul.

The founders of the country anticipated a President as venal and dangerous as Trump, but what they couldn’t account for is Congress being willing (eager, even) to ignore and facilitate the corruption.


It’s frustrating but we have to remember that the Mueller investigation has been barreling ahead at an incredible pace compared to pretty much every other special counsel investigation in history. This is basically a combination between a white collar criminal investigation and an organized crime investigation with a side of treason.