Trump could make the press great again, all they have to do is their jobs

It helps. TDS comedy diminished the credibility of Beck, Tucker Carlson and the GOP generally.

There’s an entire generation of conservatives’ kids who loved Colbert Report, registered independent and voted for Obama.

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One of the things I’ve found bewildering all along is what the Republican party has to lose by just telling him to fuck off. So he might steal their votes as an independent; [/quote]

To answer this, look to Canada.

Canada’s Tea Party movement started as the Reform movement within the Conservative Party. Their discontent with the Conservative government came from what they saw as a lack of power for the far right within the party. Runaway deficit spending which the Conservative party promised to stop but instead accelerated. A lack of democratic reforms. And other claims that those explaining the rise of the Tea Party and then Trump would find familiar. In 1987 they split off to become the “Reform Party.”

Early on the Reform Party was marked by wingnuttyness and racism. It was home to the religious right. Sound familiar?

But it’s extremists who get all the press. Dumb statements and policies are news; reasonable ones aren’t. Because they split the conservative vote, the old Conservative party was reduced to almost no seats in the next election. Some of the far right even celebrated the destruction of the moderate right.

And so most remaining Conservative candidates went over to the Reform Party.

The old conservative party (The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada) dissolved in 2004. The Reform Party renamed itself to the Conservative Party of Canada. They got the wingnuts and racists to stop talking to the press.

But the Reform Party leadership stayed in control. They won the next election and ran the country for a decade until just recently.

This could be the future of the Republican Party:

Trump doesn’t win the nomination, and forms his own party. Chris Christie - stuck with him now - along with Palin and others who have endorsed him, go with him. Heck, he’ll probably call it the Tea Party to attract that crowd.

Like the Reform Party, Trump STILL gets all the press.

The Republicans lose the next election. Trump blames the divisiveness of the GOP primaries. He makes the name anti-GOP-establishment noises that Ted Cruz and the other Tea Party candidates have been making.

Like Canada’s Conservatives, most of the rest of the Republicans flee to the new party. The Republican Party is effectively dead. All that’s left is for Trump’s party to repeat another Reform Party move: Absorb the rest of the Republican Party, and then rename itself to the Republican Party.

"The last remnants of the Old Republican Party have been swept away. Fear will keep the local officials in line. Fear of my Twitter Account.”

THIS is what the Republican leadership fears.


Can he be drafted to be the candidate for the Fuck Everybody party in the US. I’m for Ninja. Ninja for Pres. (Not because of any possible finger disparity though)

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