Trump DoJ steps in to shorten Roger Stone’s prison sentence (which is yet to be announced)



I’m not american, so I don’t understand the smaller details of your judicial system, but what difference it makes if the prison term is shorter or if he receives a pardon.
Can he not be subpoenaed in some cases, considering that he is already convicted?


A pardon means one faces no penalty for their conviction. A commuted sentence is a reduced one. A pardoned felon can be made to testify as to the details of their crime. A convict who is serving their sentence can refuse to answer on the grounds of self-incrimination.


A pardon also means an acceptance of guilt for the crime. So if subpoenaed later he has to testify.


You’re still guilty if you’re pardoned or your sentence is commuted. Because of double jeopardy laws, you cannot claim 5th amendment protections since there’s no risk of self-incrimination. That means if you’re subpoenaed you have to testify truthfully or go to jail for perjury or contempt if you refuse to testify.

Stone has a lot of damaging information on Trump.


The judge still gets the last word on this, though, right?

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As it currently stands, a Bloomberg run would benefit Bernie the most. It would split the status quo vote while not directly affecting his. Maybe you would like to redirect that “VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!” towards the centre right?


And like Trump, he would never lie.

Well there’s the rub; he doesn’t know what they know, and he doesn’t know what they know he’s done. So can play the tables if he likes, but house always wins eventually.

Unless, of course, the house is a casino run by [current occupant of the White House].

pardon ?  

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