Trump elected president


Right. #funnynotfunny


Actually we are more frozen with horror. Trump isn´t just your problem, he is a fucking global desaster now.


Whether or not the outcome is what is predicted (it’s going to be ludicrously close either way), I do feel slightly vindicated by my suggestion that relentlessly mocking a particular group of voters might have turned out to be counterproductive.
Mind you, I also blame the social media echo chamber that has made it practically impossible to even understand “them” (whichever side you are on), let alone interact coherently with them.
Good luck America. I think you’re going to need it.


"Thank you, for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams."
This is a quotation from A Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs


I wish I could see the humour in this.


We’re all going to need it.


Hey guys, it’s our fault.

Let’s be real for a second.

It’s our fault for not addressing his supporters like they were people, with real concerns and back stories, and families.

I could write more here, but I don’t think I have to–what we see here is the result of the smug liberal attitude we have all engaged in (myself included).

Fact of the matter is, the poor, white America has little hope in the near future, and even less in the distant future in any America.


Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

(Sorry don’t really have anymore of a coherent response)


Well, I’m off to fap to some furry porn and try to fall asleep.


Shaking our head and feeling terrible worried and shocked.


Legal marijuana may be nice, but we’re going to need a lot heavier drugs to handle the next four years.


Not a lot of laughter; we remember Bush.

It ain’t Americans who’ll be under the bombers or the torturers’ hands. At first, anyway.


Dear DNC and superdelegates: Thanks so much for giving us the most unpopular Democratic nominee in living memory. What should have been a landslide win has become a complete fucking nightmare. Good job.


Time for Democrats to have a real hard look at yourselves here. No, I loathe Trump, but you guys have been running on rah rah party moongas for months.

You let the Clintons turn you into Corporate Whore Party 2.0 under Bill. Besides the anxious racists who you never could have claimed, the people who elected Trump tonight are the poor rural people you abandoned so the Clintons could rake in more corporate cash.

Then you let the Clintons completely own the DNC and rig (yes, that word) the primaries to choose the one person who could lose to Donald Trump just because she’d put up with Bill’s shit for 50 years and this was all part of the grand plan.

I’m sure this is going to stoke a lot of rage, because TOO SOON, but now that it’s over and you no longer have to close ranks around ARE TROOP, maybe take a look at what you’ve become.

Edit: As @ficuswhisperer pointed out, it’s certainly not everyone. Maybe not even a majority. If you voted for Bernie or anyone else this is more agonized sympathy than aimed at you. But you still need to think about why you’re with this party other than ‘The other bastards are worse than our bastards’.


Michelle Obama for 2020!!!


The republican party also should take a bunch of blame here too.


Are you sure that all the Republicans will fall in line? If I was an optimist, then I would hope for entirely new opportunities for politics outside the White House.


dark skinned people are listening and watching very very closely


The CIC (Canadian Immigration Centre) website appears to be unreachable. Either it’s a DDOS attack or (more likely) it’s getting enough traffic to act like a DDOS attack. I suspect we’re going to see a fair number of your best and brightest heading up here, and that’s not good.


Don’t blame me. I voted for Sanders in the primary.