Trump, first lady test positive for Covid-19

Welp, this is going to be interesting…


Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. It’s all a librul hoax…

/s, because circumstances demand it.


My. Oh. My.


Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving National Socialist.


I hope Biden tests negative. He was just locked in a room with the dude for hours.


At least biden is healthier than trump if he does get it. He has a much better chance of survival since he’s not obese.


May every single one of them get sick.


The same guy that demanded all US Agriculture Department food aid boxes included a letter from Trump claiming credit for the program… 30 days before the election.

I agree. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


You’re far more charitable than me right now.


Not to worry! I’m sending thoughts and prayers! Just like the kind conservative send after every every horrible tragedy that might have been avoided if they would do their jobs.

I’m putting the odds at no better the 30% that he actually has it. It’s too convenient. His campaign is out of money. He doesn’t want to take part in the rest of the debates, especially if there’s a mute button, and it’s a great opportunity to resign for health reasons and get pardoned.

If he does have it the Q cultists will start wharrrr-garbling within seconds that Demoncrap Operatives working for (((Pedophile International Elites))) and BLM infected him via 5G Chemtrail Vaccines as part of a coup. and it’s time for the racists to Stand Up and Start Shooting.


Sadly, that is all too possible. I mean I thought the tweet about Hope Hicks was odd. He normally wouldn’t admit or talk about anyone having covid near him. And normally I would expect Trump to cover up if he had covid 19. Tweeting it right out seems very out of character.

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What goes around, comes around.

Don’t inhale, Donny.

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That is a good point. Has he actually been seen anywhere by people we can believe? Or is all we know is that a tweet came from his phone?

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He hasn’t even called in by phone to Fox news or a radio show. So if he was fine and wanted to be heard for more attention, he totally could.

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Does covid usually come on that fast? From Fine and Grumpy to totally incapacitated within a day? maybe it’s something like a stroke (after seeing his latest polls about the debate) rather than covid.

Or… maybe they finally applied the 25th?

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