Trump found someone even worse than Tom Price to regulate Health and Human Services: an insulin profiteer


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I don’t think Obamacare (which I prefer to call Romneycare or Heritagecare :slight_smile: ) gives a lot of new regulatory powers to the Secretary of HHS, although I could be wrong.

In the HIPAA and HITECH legislation, which is a federal rule set that pre-empts state laws, it says that the Secretary of HHS can change the content of Federal Law (specifically, the HIPAA privacy and security rules) at will, although not more than once in a 12-month period. This can and does happen.

HITECH was enacted under President Obama, but HIPAA is Clinton-era.

Is anyone in Vegas taking odds on Senate affirmation? I might like to place a wager!


Observers: “Trump’s first appointee was the worst possible candidate for the job.”
Trump: “Hold my beer cocaine.”


Health is good business. Lots of profits to be made. God bless America.


JFC, I’m tired of living in the Upside-Down already. There’s got to be a portal around here somewhere to take me back to the real universe.



Better start growing a goatee to fit in.


That’s my problem, I already have one. I figure that’s how I wound up here…


I’ll let you know when I find it; I’ve been looking, for almost a year now.


Well he could have pardoned Martin Shkreli and nominated him instead.


In all sincerity, I believe Trump’s only gift is in his ability to productively scrape barrel bottoms when nothing appeared to be left.


Among my many frustrations with the current thieves and wretches in power is my lack of verbal skill to adequately express just how much I hate that scum and the vultures that swarm after him. Somehow I feel it might relieve me a bit if I could purge myself of that vile feeling his existence produces in the depths of my being.


And the so-called “moderate GOPers” in the Senate, like Jeff Flake and Susan Collins, will vote to confirm him. Guaranteed.


Alex Azar: Mass murderer & supreme doucher.


One opened recently in San Francisco over the harbor, but I’m not sure I want what’s on the other side of it either.


It’s called the Canadian border. I am quite happy to be on this side of it too. :slight_smile:


So, business as usual.


Insulin is fucking expensive.



My wife told me about that this morning.