Trump: Fox News works for me. Fox News: no. Fox News viewers: yes you do

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Brit Hume is so adorable, thinking he doesn’t work for a right-wing party’s propaganda outlet. I’m glad the mouth-breathing audience set him straight on that count.


“Win”, “New”, “News Outlet”, over and over with the unnecessary capitalization.

(Sorry. . . “Unnecessary Capitalization.”)



Mr. Murdoch appears unaffected by any of this recent disappointment.


In case you were wondering if someone like Brit Hume was capable of recognizing what Trump’s tweet and the response to his own demonstrated about Fox and their role in our country, wonder no more. The follow-up where he tries to cover his ass and have it both ways is really something:

ETA: Do not, repeat, DO NOT read all the various replies to this Hume tweet unless you want to wallow in despair. Remember, the abyss also gazes into you.


Hell, he didn’t even say that. “Supposed to” is doing a lot of work here. It ain’t a denial…


“New Outlet” does require the quotes, though.


What a narcissistic psycho. Yet another reason to impeach. If he only knew that the president works for the country.


Poppycock and nonsense. Everyone knows it’s actually the President who works for Fox News.


Trump saying “we need a new news network” is I think indicative of what the next grift will be, whether he loses (most likely) or not next Fall: he and his buddies will either start a media company or coopt an existing one, and it will be all grievance, all the time, without even the minimal editorial “standards” and faint nods to balance of Fox. I’ve often seen it suggested that this was the impetus of his original run for president, that he would turn his being “robbed” of the presidency when he lost as expected into a giant cash-cow to perpetuate the grievances felt by his supporters.


He was literally preparing to do just that in late 2016 with something called “Trump TV.” Then Trump and his allies were surprised along with everyone else when he became President so the plans got put on hold.


They already have alternative news outlets out there like Blaze TV and there is another one he’s mentioned by name. I’ve heard more than one analysis where Trump will shift his base to these new media outlets that have even less integrity than Fox. I mean, you can still get dissenting comments from guests and anchors on Fox, even if they are infrequent.


There’s always RT.


Hair Twittler should just call it PRAVDA. What’s that? Oh it means truth? Pretty sure he doesn’t know what that is so he’ll pick another name that’ll probably mean ‘prostitute’ in Russian. Or maybe ‘golden shower’ or ‘racist asshole news’.


Oh GOSH no! Trump never wants a “Win” for himself! Why, that would be selfish or something. He’s a man of the people. Well. Not “of.” I mean, I would assume he is made from a person. Mostly.

But the point is, everything he does is for you, people! And if Fox News isn’t constantly telling you that, “we have to start looking for a new News Outlet.” Or, you know. Make one.

Too on-the-nose. Also, nothing he’s involved in can get away with not having his name in gold letters on it. So… “Trump’s Truth Network” TTN. I can already hear the slogan, “Make America Listen Again.”


Maybe I’m just being optimistic, but Trump will die sooner or later. I have to believe that once he’s gone, whatever house of cards he builds will inevitably crumble. And any news network that he’s involved with setting up will do the same.


Yeah, this seems like a good sign to me. If he were expecting to lose in 2020 and started actively hedging, this is what it would look like. If he’s not seriously running for office, he doesn’t need a mainstream-ish right-wing propaganda network ally to legitimize him anymore, what he needs is to circle the wagons and bring his flock to his next business venture, in this case, his new media empire of whining whiteboys. Siphoning viewers off Fox News by starting to tar them as too “Mainstream” is a critical part of that process. Otherwise why would he start publicly burning this bridge?


That is optimistic…you forget that he isn’t eligible to be a Darwin Award winner because he spawned some rather hapless offspring, thus spreading his idiocy into future generations.


Unfortunately, I think you are, as much as I hope you’re correct. Ultimately, the Orange Skull is a symptom and not the disease. Andrew Breitbart died seven years ago, but the outlet that bears his name gets more and more awful with every year.


Not sure if Fox works for Donnie or is just dangerously codependent.