Trump: Great for Diamonds and Jewellery Biz

This is a serious report, from serious sober people in the gems biz (to be clear, the phrase “President-elect Trump’s victory, while positively dangerous …” gives a clue as to how these people are seeing the election result (/spit)

America is moving to a new future based on different values and priorities. Trump’s triumph will have a major impact on political, social and economic conditions. A tidal wave of disruption, filled with challenges and opportunities, is coming our way.

Trump’s election is the victory of the “angry majority” of Americans demanding change. They want to break away from the past and will demand a radical overhaul of U.S. regulatory, trade, and foreign policy. The war against the political establishment and the policies of the past has been won. America has spoken decisively, electing a Republican President, Senate and House of Representatives.

Long standing political and economic relationships will come under pressure as Washington moves to more forceful America first policies. America’s trade and foreign policy will prioritize local beneficiation over globalization. America will no longer sacrifice its priorities for the benefit of the old global political order.

Trumpism will have major impact on the U.S. and global economy. Socialist policies will be replaced with a new capitalist approach to government and the economy. Political powers will realign to create new economic opportunities for Americans. Lower taxes, higher domestic employment and the end of Obamacare will increase disposable income and
encourage investment in local businesses. This will fuel new domestic economic growth.

We are witnessing a perfect storm of unprecedented uncertainty. Markets will play an increasingly important role valuating greater risk and adapting to change. While the new order may not guarantee prosperity it does guarantee a fundamental change in direction and priorities for the U.S. and the world. For many, it offers hope for a better future.

The diamond and jewelry trade will benefit from the new regime. Increases in disposable income and new
businesses will create a more prosperous middle class and greater numbers of wealthy consumers. Global uncertainty will increase demand for investment diamonds as a store of wealth.

President-elect Trump’s victory, while positively dangerous, sets the stage for growth and development.
We expect changes that will have long term impact on the future of America and the world



Cute gifs.

I think gold bugs are mostly con men, but today, they just might have a point. Commodities go up on bad international news. I just dumped all my stocks.

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It’s the tone of the article that’s a problem. The only thing that matters is some already privileged people can make out like bandits and fuck the rest of us.


I think you’re exactly right.

These guys see ‘danger’, but are unashamedly in biz and know where their cash is coming from. They point out the exact pathway that is so profoundly inequitable, with assuredness.

So, sadly, probably highly accurate.

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Uh, but republican policies don’t lead to any of that. It’s been proven over and over again. Do the think we’re stupid? Or are they stupid?

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It’s generic stuff copy-pasted from the right wing guide to business.

The overall point is: money is going to be diverted to useless luxury items, and there’ll be more of it to get, so happy diamond people!

There is a very real risk now that people start to simply accept the decline in the world, and go with it - like diamond dealers not bothering with any kind of ethics. As if the clock is counting down.

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OMG, your avatar is fucking perfect. Thank you for having it!

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I was waiting for someone to notice!!

We’ve been warned by the creatives about this situation for a century. Repeatedly!

I reckon our softest landing is circa 1895, but with China being musclebound.

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I know right? But when it’s a movie or a song, it’s either creative hyperbole or just a piece of art… well, that’s kind of what art is there for, to communicate and provoke thought.

I need to either buy a copy or get it on DVD from netflix, because it’s a film that speaks directly to our times.

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