Trump grounds Boeing's deathliner, in a tweet video


“Tic… tac… DAMMIT.”




Same or similar playbook that caused the Grenfell Tower fire, something that still makes my blood boil when i think about. Regulations are in place, or need to be in place to ensure the highest standards and to safeguard the public. Public companies exist to make money and exploit resources/people, they aren’t there for the benefit of everyone.


The lesson for Boeing is the same as for any business that publicly drags their feet over a safety issue.

It’s not the initially misfiring technology, poisoned food, disease outbreaks that are the biggest hit to reputations. It’s the public dithering and stalled actions over people’s lives.


AHA. i just knew there had to be a catch.


Nice to know you can run this country via tweet. Anybody can be president.


Or, safer, land, but not take off. I think that this is the option they are going for. :wink:


… from anywhere…


Even Moscow?


You can rest easy, he only made the Boeing decision because the stock is getting hammered and he owns a ton of it (per his own tweeting). He’s saving his portfolio. He made the right call for all the wrong (sleazy, unethical, possibly even illegal) reasons.


Especially Moscow.


Darn right. It’s even in their FAQ.


Is being the last nation to hold out “timely”?


As I understand it, this whole “taking off but not landing” thing is pretty much the essence of the problem.


Boeing should have given him a better deal on the new Air Force One. Paybacks are a bitch…


fortunately, in the software business “ship it now” is always a decision made on a rational basis /s


on a scale of Trump? absolutely.


“Okay, people, it’s Crunch Time!”

Followed by, “Look out people, it is crash time!”

This is such a sad situation.


Again, WTF timeline are we in now? Yes, agreed on all counts. And I feel dirty for agreeing with him on anything.


The current occupant of that job has pretty well proven this. Anyone can, and would almost certainly do a better job!