Trump hiding DC sex scandals, Bill & Hillary’s $350m divorce, and ”you can fly,” in this week’s tabloids

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Let’s stop these.


Where is story on no goodniks Moose and Squirrel?


Can someone please teach Peter Sheridan how to compose posts that don’t spam THE ENTIRE ARTICLE into the blog page? (i.e. with a “more” button click through)

Not all of us are interested in giving garbage publications more attention with [garbage] blog posts.


For RussiaDidIt you want the mainstream media.

This article is crap for any number of reasons. If Mr Sheridan can’t find something better to write than copy and paste trash from rag newspapers who admittedly make up all their stories, you need to fire him and find someone who can. Don’t waste my time.

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He gathered ammunition, sometimes helped by the editor of The National Enquirer, who had dispatched reporters to find information that could undermine accusers. He turned to old allies, asking a partner in Creative Artists Agency, one of Hollywood’s premier talent shops, to broker a meeting with a C.A.A. client, Ronan Farrow, who was reporting on Mr. Weinstein. He tried to dispense favors: While seeking to stop the actress Rose McGowan from writing in a memoir that he had sexually assaulted her, he tried to arrange a $50,000 payment to her former manager and throw new business to a literary agent advising Ms. McGowan. The agent, Lacy Lynch, replied to him in an email: “No one understands smart, intellectual and commercial like HW.”

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