Trump is bailing out a Chinese owned pork producer to compensate it for retaliatory Chinese tariffs


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I am ok with this only because more Pork and Pork products makes me happy.


I support balanced trade not stupid trade.


Thanks trump!


$240,000 is hardly “corporate welfare at its worst”.

That is a vanishingly small amount of money compared to what the oil industry gets.


Or the $12 Billion that the farm belt is currently getting.


But I thought trade wars are easy to win! :tired_face:


The fucking irony that Trump keeps calling the tariffs a “tax paid by China.” Both elements of that description are wrong, but now it turns out it literally involves US tax money going to China…


Or the subsidies and tax breaks other big companies get (Amazon, MS, Facebook, etc.)


But Smithfield is a single company, not the entire pork industry.

And aren’t Republicans supposed to be against the federal government picking winners and losers?


I’m still waiting for my bailout.


That’s not irony; he’s just really stupid.


Tariffs are easy?



I’m pretty sure in the USA, we practice a form of capitalism known as “Crony Capitalism” – and it’s been that way for a long, long time! At a crescendo these days.


It’s odd how there always seems to be a resurgence of crony capitalism when the Republicans are in control.


Trade wars are easy to win.


Oh, you think we get the discount? Let me know how that works out, bro.


Presumably the purchased pork will be fed to the US military?


There is a reason the word ‘pork’ in political terms means excessive, misappropriated funds, paid for by our taxes.


Yeah, its called kleptocracy and oligarchy. Any resemblance to capitalism or democracy is purely in passing.