Trump Jr says his dad can't release tax returns because it will have "every person in the country asking questions"

I’ll say this: it seems deeply unlikely to me that the short fingered vulgarian has paid any personal income tax in the last 15 year (or more). I’d be totally shocked if he wasn’t using every shady legitimate/illegitimate shelter/dodge/write-off ever to completely write off all his income.
That’s the secret.
There’s all this money moving around, and none of it is his “income” so there’s nothing to tax.

IANAL etc etc etc


“ignore the tiny-fisted, thin-skinned man behind the curtain”?


And that he gives precisely nothing to charity, and that his actual net worth is much lower than he claims.




“Trump Jr. told NBC News’ Katy Tur that he stood by his point, but that
he meant to refer to executions rather than the Holocaust.”

You know, executions . . . of those people wearing the sherrif’s badges.


He keeps it in a safe.


Good name for a band.


Left unsaid: “When it’s Hillary that everyone is supposed to be asking questions about!”

Really what he was saying is “Our strategy is to prevent any information that might be damaging to the candidate from being released, while focusing on information that raises questions about our opponent.” That he thinks this is somehow an argument shows just how out of touch and fucked up things are in the tRump camp.


And yet it’s working. Or at least it’s not failing miserably.

Hope … hope is all I have. Hope that he falls apart during the debates. I hope she walks in prepared to answer the questions about the emails, Benghazi, her heath and other things Trump supporters harp on. And Hope she doesn’t have a major lapse in judgement in the next 10 weeks. I hope that turnout is in her favor. I am not a huge fan of Clinton but her vs the orange one … it’s no contest.


Questions like:

  • Why does Donald Trump pay less tax than I do?
  • Why doesn’t Donald Trump donate any of his own money to charity?
  • Where does Donald Trump actually live?
  • How many shady businesses does Donald Trump own?
  • Why does Donald Trump claim to be a billionaire, but tells the IRS he is broke?
  • Why does Donald Trump get a tax break for middle-class people in NYC?

I can keep going with questions like this all day.


At least it’s not 404’ing.

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Not printing something doesn’t make it any shorter; but it means that the adversary has to grovel through it manually and/or scan, OCR, and clean it up. If you keep it electronic, worst case it at least doesn’t need to be scanned; most likely it is some sort of text; best case it is actually structured data of some known flavor.

Doing a paper document dump is like paying in pennies. You may be able to get away with it under certain circumstances; but it is fully intended to be the least convenient possible form of compliance with the rules.


Couldn’t Obama order the IRS to release the documents? Purely hypothetically?

(Not saying it is wise, and tbh would lose respect for him if he did…)

No argument there

I’m no law-ologist; but such a such an act wouldn’t smell very legal, There are a wide variety of cryptic carve-outs for law enforcement and various Health and Human Services welfare types(along with the things that people ‘voluntarily’ provide tax return data for, like FAFSA); but “Because El Presidente so decrees” doesn’t appear to be on the list. Based on Mr. Trump’s illustrious business career; some of his tax records probably should be paying a visit to law enforcement; but even then some evidence stays under seal.

That said, as a matter of practice, it can be a strange thing how stuff ‘leaks’ at convenient times to sympathetic audiences; and I’m sure that John Yoo’s apprentice would be happy to write a memo explaining how the President’s Inherent Unitary Executive Commander in Chief Powers authorize him to do anything National Security requires; but in the world of even vaguely pretending to follow the law I’d be surprised if that is an option.


Even if daddy has a shitton of LLCs and holding companies, it’s still hard to imagine what could be on all those pages. Crayon drawings? My own most complex return was probably ten pages.

@anon75430791, doing it directly would be an abuse of power of a kind that is only excusable when the President is a Republican. But he could probably have a private chat with the Commissioner and ask him to wrap up the audit oh, around Halloween.


Question #1: “Wow, his name IS actually Drumpf?”


You’re supposed to take the 5th after you get elected and charged.

Rookie mistake.


"My daddy is moving so many Benjis, he’s got a 12.000 page tax return. How many pages does your daddy have? - Oh, you don’t know, do you? Figures"
It kinda sounds like a variation of the time-proven "My dad works at Nintendo, so I always get all the new stuff before everyone else "


Too much*

*In this case, anything classifies as too much…