Trump just boasted of selling 'F52' aircraft to Norway. The fighter jet only exists in 'Call of Duty'


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Well, now we know what he’s doing after he gets his daily national security briefing from Fox News. :slight_smile:


That “executive time” thing is a little clearer now.


Ain’t he smart…he knows stuff about planes and stuff like that. He knows stuff nobody else knows.


Stable genius, indeed.


So he announced 35 F-52s, instead of 52 F-35s?

That the verbal typo has a fictional video game counterpart, doesn’t mean he thinks he’s in a video game.

I mean, if it was a video game he thinks he’s in, at least that would be a frame of reference I understand. I thinks he’s worse off than that by far.


Nope. You’re right, that would have been a bit more acceptable, but here’s the quote:

So, not just a verbal flub, more of a verbal freestyle that happens when you aren’t really sure of what you are talking about, and aren’t great at reading a teleprompter.


i, for one, welcome our new fictional air superiority fighters


This is the least offensive thing he said today.


Dude needs a dossier every day of primarily colorful photos of him from media sources along with only positive news stories.

Dude’s got the processing capacity of a toddler on robotussin.


I am sure that some ass-kisser at the Pentagon has already started a study on how to convert the B-52 into a fighter.


“The fighter jet only exists in ‘Call of Duty’”
Well, in his defense, so do most of his supporters.


I’m about ready for some “executive” time right now.
Not CoD though, yetch!


I agree. This was basically a verbal gaffe. Calling Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” was not a gaffe. Most of the awful stuff he says and does is not a gaffe.


it’s no B-52, but…


He NEVER makes verbal gaffe’s, F-52 is CODE, a code only he understands, it is the covfefe of fighter jets.


I recommend not trying that in a B-52


I think it’s actually worse than saying ‘F52’ because it was in his head from playing the video game or something, even smart people make that kind of mistake.

He said F-52 because he saw ‘52’ on the page and thought “oh, that must be a kind of aircraft”.

The F-35 has been talked about endlessly, any time you see something like F-52 you should think “hmm, that number seems a bit high” and you should take a second glance.

Saying “F-52s and F-35” is the kind of mistake you only make when you’re just trying to repeat the words and have no idea what they actually mean.


Don’t worry, we’ll more than make up for the loss of the F-52 sales once we finally settle the final details on that Metal Gear contract.


Meh, this really isn’t a big deal. More of a Biden-esque gaffe. It’s almost quaint in it’s normalcy.

He probably meant the F-22 Raptor. Probably not B-52 Stratofortresses. I certainly hope we didn’t sell Norway THE B-52s.