Trump just boasted of selling 'F52' aircraft to Norway. The fighter jet only exists in 'Call of Duty'


I dunno. I’m kind of impressed he got Norway to buy planes that don’t exist and even has them thinking he’s already delivered them.


Wait, aren’t US forces getting the Viper Mark II?


I’m more of a Python guy myself. Not exactly nimble or quick, but I like a ship with a good thick hull, and a decent amount of ramming mass.


The F-52 is a new cyberwarfare fighter jet. Fully digital.


Yes, the gaffe seems to be overshadowing that part of the story. The Canadian government had enormous trouble with the purchase of F-35 jets. I thought I remembered reading something about the jets being a completely lousy product, but Googling up on the subject seems to indicate that the biggest problem is unexpected cost overruns in the billions. Very suspect business.

Undoubtedly there are Trump supporters out there celebrating this F-52 reference as the sort of carefully-planned distraction that only a calculating genius could possibly have devised.


He’s quite good at this.


I’m not sure he’s actually so good at even repeating the fucked-up words that are written down for him…


He’s more of a “repeat the words… and then editorialize the hell out of them”.


This is why I suspect that Barron has been tasked with formulating foreign policy…


It’s certainly a mistake but the entire Call of Duty angle on this is just stupid. It has nothing to do with the mistake other than it coincidentally being a plane in the game.

It really ticks me off when people take valid issues and then heap on their own junk because they want to somehow make it WORSE. It just makes you look bad.

Don’t make up fake facts or misleading information to make something bad even worse! Let the bad stuff speak for itself.


I’d be amazed if Trump had been playing Call of Duty.



(in Trump voice) Can we sell them one of those?



Bad enough that we bought f-35s, to think we would have wasted even more billions (NOK) on f-22 as well…


This is fake new as Trump has definitely been in the cockpit.


Barrel roll is a 1g manoeuvre. Not particularly stressful on the airframe


Just in time for it to be supplanted by the VF-1


Though he scores a mark for at least getting the country right.


There’s no way those tiny hands can reach all the buttons on an Xbox controller.


But his raegquit would have been epic!