Trump just boasted of selling 'F52' aircraft to Norway. The fighter jet only exists in 'Call of Duty'


Neat artist. Reminds me of this guy, who likes to mix traditional subjects with fantasy.

I used to be more involved in keeping tabs on US planes (was a huge plane buff back in the day.)

But IIRC, the F-22 while technically not as capable in some areas, does a better job at being a fighter and is much cheaper than the F-35 and has had less problems with its development. Should at least be more than capable against Migs.


Call your representative and tell them to impeach.


F-52, F-53, F-54… whatever it takes.


In a similar vein the uproar and enduring mockery over “Bigly” drives me nuts. When people started going on about it I searched for the video clip and had to watch it three times before I spotted what everyone must be talking about.

It was crystal clear to me that he had really said “Big league” and maybe elided over the end of “league” a bit. It seemed a bit of a stretch really, and the way it took off left me feeling somewhat dismayed. It’s not as though there isn’t enough really stupid shit coming out of his mouth for people to rip into, why concentrate on that?


Geez. Maybe spouting lines like “haha the president is referencing video games now” is just the only way some of these news folks can make it through the day.


i remember going to an air force air show at Edwards back in 2006 and seeing a B52 up close on the tarmac. the type inside the wheel wells and bomb bay doors was THE ORIGINAL type from the 60s. all futura fonts. of course there were a few newer stencils but all the labeling was ancient. Makes you wonder how much longer they can keep this ancient fleet operable.

seeing the 52 fly was awe inspiring… huge blanket-like trails of exhaust that literally black out the sky. the 60s were definitely a different time with regards to aeronautics… Supposedly all the supply of JATO/RATO canisters has been exhausted now, the ones that came from plants in Canoga park CA and other Aerojet/Rocketdyne facilities. Got to see them use those at Miramar air show a few times, to get the Blue Angel’s fat albert c-130 up in the air faster


I’ve seen that. It is pretty fucking impressive.


they had forward facing ones briefly to aid the c-130 in landing on short runways… after a few disastrous landings they gave that up


Oh wow, I’d say those two cannot not know of each other. Kind of opposite to each other in their ratio of “retro” to “futurism”, though


Yeah my ex-Mother in Law is Polish and very proud. I show it to her because his historic stuff seems spot on (I have a Polish Highlander hat like in one of those images), even though he then puts in a steam punk mech or a werewolf.

She said she didn’t expect to like it, but ended up really enjoying it.

You’re right about he opposite ratio, sort of a mirror universe image of the same vibe. Thanks for sharing your guy too!



I tend to agree, but hey, he didn’t clarify, and it’s always fun to mock him. I only used the term to his supporters because they don’t understand facts and logic. But, yeah, we should focus on the important stuff.


I’ve seen the older f22 fly as well as the newer JSF (whichever configuration the marines have purchased) and they’re both wildly capable. There isn’t much more left to develop really, except for ramjet/scramjet high altitude fighters and spaceplanes.

I guess the never ending arms race with russia and china is still going, the russians have the PAK-FA which basically looks like an F22 but with a fatter, almost Delta wing, and the chinese developed the J20, also a very 1960’s NASA looking blended delta

the F22 is still the fastest climbing fighter I’ve ever seen, reaching 5000 feet in a matter of seconds. the F35, while not quite the powerhouse that the falcon is, is still impressive in terms of its STOL and air to ground capabilities. was it worth untold billions, i don’t know


this is what the type looked like lol


If Lockheed Martin doesn’t immediately file a patent for an F-52 fighter jet and send the Defense Dept. an invoice for said fighter jets then someone is not paying attention.


IIRC that was mainly for the Iran hostage rescue. They had a scheme to land a C-130 on a soccer field.


And, to be clear, one of the words that he has no idea about the meaning of is 52. The number 52. He doesn’t know what it means.


Maybe staff gave him the game and told him he was controlling real forces deployed to Nambia.


I thought maybe he asked Barron for the name of a fighter jet. Maybe Barron is in on the joke with us…


maybe the real conspiracy is that Activision is a military controlled operation leaking brand new tech through games