Trump just boasted of selling 'F52' aircraft to Norway. The fighter jet only exists in 'Call of Duty'


I wish that were true, as they made the Mechwarrior games…


Speaking of fictional planes and Mechwarriors…do you remember what FASA was an acronym for?


No - technically never played a FASA game. What is it?


Freedonian AeroSpace Academy.


I’d argue that while either might be glorious, impressive machines, we have no need for either. An attack from the ruskies (the only likely scenario) would steamroll over the Norwegian air force anyway…


It’s clear he didn’t mean the F-22 either. The last one was delivered over five years ago, they are not eligible for export, and we certainly didn’t just deliver any to Norway. There is absolutely no reason to say F-35 AND F-22. It’s also very clear that the commander in chief has no clue what he’s talking about.


That’s why Norway is part of NATO. Russia won’t steamroll over you alone. You got battle buddies at your back.


That is not easy to watch if one has sympathy for videos and surviving children. It is totally believable to people who know military flyboy culture, and the tragedy is evident more than a bit before the stall is clear.


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