Trump knows he's going to lose. This tweet proves it

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Of course, if he does lose, he’s going to refuse to rule out running in 2024, ala Grover Cleveland, until about March 2024 and MSNBC, FOX, and CNN will spend every waking hour over the next four years speculating about it.


He always has his built-in excuses, usually based on things he himself is doing. If Hillary had won, it would have been “rigged”. The whole deep state thing is a cover for both his incompetence and his corruption. Now, he’s getting the excuses lined up for his possible/hopefully inevitable loss in November. Again, it was “rigged”.


She did, and it was.

Can we get that scandal on the list?


Sounds like Trump is a spiritual brother to the people who post “In before [some thing I don’t like]” to comment threads.


Exactly. He’s been saying this at his campaign appearances for years. It’s also part of how they train the base to parrot everything that comes from him and right-wing talking heads: repeat, repeat, repeat, and wait for the crowd members to chant the same thing while bobbing their heads.


Which foreign countries is he telling his mouth-breathing supporters are printing all these ballots? Perfidious countries like Norway, New Zealand, and Canada trying to foist the horrors of liberal democracy on this great God-fearing nation?

Seriously, this is more evidence that he considers his base suckers and marks. And they’re gonna fall right in line when the Putin regime helps him make this prophecy a self-fulfilling one. That’s tens of millions of racist idiots with weapons, so we have to be prepared for what happens if he loses and contests the election.

He’s a life-long grifter. That’s second nature to him.


Okay folks, chant it with me:

Four! More! Impeachments!
Four! More! Impeachments!


Perhaps this is the election where we should call on all “allies” in the world to counter-cheat the upcoming fiasco back to something approaching fairness. CANADA, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME…!


First shots fired at Fort Sumter


Hillary’s campaign DID “rig” the primaries and got caught doing it, arguably the dumbest move they could and did make.


Oh, I think it would be hilarious if someone just repeated Trump’s request:

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the [Trump e-mails / tax records / pee tapes] that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

It doesn’t have to be Biden, in fact it probably shouldn’t. But if Hillary stumped for Biden and made a sarcastic request for Russian tampering… the irony would be delicious.


He didn’t expect to win the first time. Of course he’s going on about a “rigged” election, because he still has the script he wrote for 2016. That’s where he and his people are most comfortable: in aggrieved outrage.


wow. i never even considered that, but of course, if he loses in 2020: he takes over OANN (or rolls his own), starts a anarcho-conservative media/“news” empire, barnstorms at nostalgic/egoistic/campaign rallies for 4 years and then stands for re-election in 2024. there is no other possibility, should he lose in 2020. and again, just like in 2016, he doesnt care if he wins: its all for his ego and publicizing his brand.


I fully expect Trump to do exactly that. 24 hours all Trump news will play well to the cult. I also expect that no matter who wins, they will end up having to deal with the house of cards that is our economy collapsing under the weight of public debt. A Trump loss will allow him to blame Biden and promise some kind of miraculous economic recovery if they only elect the next candidate he puts forward who I expect to be Donald Jr. Expect a circus.


“foreign countries and others”

The guy truly is a walking fascist playbook. It’s not even veiled anymore. How many votes will it cost him? None? Cool. Coolcoolcool. I hope for the best, but expect the worst.

I hope for that as well. It will keep them busy while he gets ever older. Four more years of him working to “reclaim the Presidency” would do wonders for him.


“anarcho”-conservative, surely?

If Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman et al. heard that oxymoron they wouldn’t just be turning in their graves, they would be clawing their way out and marching on wherever Trump was.

An Antifa army lead by anarchist zombies does sound cool though.


K-pop stans?


You get that when he tweets like this, he’s revealing that the GOP is already planning to print fake mail-in ballots on his behalf, right?


That was his apparent plan for 2016; in the final months of the campaign his organization was laying the groundwork for a network called “Trump TV” but it kind of fell to the wayside after he screwed up everyone’s plans by unexpectedly winning.