Trump lashes out at John Lewis ... slowly


I’m thinking the PEOTUS isn’t feeling too well. It took him 17 minutes to complete his second of two tweets after the first ended in a cliff hanger.

This is what the next 4 years will look like. Speak out against Trump? You’ll be trending on twitter after he responds sometime overnight.



Yeah… John Lewis really should get around to doing something important… /s


My first thought on reading the headline was ‘how could Waitrose have pissed off Trump?’



Well, he probably got delayed because he needed to wipe and pull up his pants.


Fuck normalizing this. All Democratic representatives and senators should skip the inauguration.


Is this a potential tactic? Try and get Trump’s attention on twitter so he doesn’t have time to do the presidential stuff?

I can’t imagine Trump liking any form of worker’s cooperative.


I was wondering why the department store was in the news?


My congresscritter is, at least.


The kind where he could hire it to do stuff for him and then not pay the bill?


where in the fuck is he getting that Lewis’s district is “falling apart”? That’s my district. In the decade I’ve lived here, this district has steadily improved; and rapidly in the last few years. Intown Atlanta went from the Dirty South to high-rises and gentrification.

Shocker: Trump is making shit up.


As someone who spends a fair amount of time in Rep. Lewis’ district, I can tell you Trump knows two things about it: Jack and Shit.


Sales of his graphic novel spiked after this.


That makes me very happy, because the books are fantastic.


I really need to pick them up at some point.


To be fair, all Republican congresspeople should also skip it.


Really? (Hey, neighbor)

I know someone that worked for Pramila in her campaign. I met her once. I like her.


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