Trump lawyer: he didn't rape Ivana because you "cannot rape your spouse"


According to the article New York abolished the marital rape exception in 1984. Since they married in 1977 and started divorce proceedings in 1991 the exception was in place for half the time they were together. OTOH, the alleged incident happened in 1989, so yeah, crap lawyer and worse publicist.


Someone might want to explain to the attorney that voters are not particularly interested in such fine distinctions and aren’t bound by case law when standing in the voting booth. Isn’t this an admission of the facts? I am finding it harder and harder to believe Trump isn’t just trolling the whole country.


How utterly sad and depressing is it that someone who is running for president actually thinks that you can’t rape your spouse? I mean, fuck the whole legal BS about this… he literally thinks that putting a ring on someone’s hand and signing some paper work means that you “own” them… that their body isn’t their own. And I imagine that he is representative of at least some percentage of people who live in this country.

Sometimes, I think where we’re all going is straight to hell. We live in a sick fucking country.


This is the one thing that gives me pause about Trump winning the primary. Sure, he won’t win the general, but it will mean that a significant proportion of the population found him desirable as a leader.

It’s like being on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! and correctly guessing which news item was the non-fake one: Even if you win, humanity has already lost.


Is it just me, or are we spinning off into some fucked up shit lately. I’ve kind of felt this way for the past few years… that we’re careening towards disaster as humanity. Do I read too much Zizek?

Maybe it’s the too much wine I had tonight?


I chalked it up to growing older and seeing the world as the complicated beast it always was. At least, I hope that’s the case. I grew up around various forms of Islamic fundamentalism, but I never saw ISIS coming. (Theologically speaking, I totally saw the whole collapse of civil order and rush to fill a power vacuum thing several miles away.) I’m almost thirty, so I figure that gives me enough time to plausibly never have understood how fucked up we are as a species till recently.

I think that Zizek earnestly wishes we were hurtling towards catastrophe. Then we might actually get off our asses and do something to redeem ourselves. There’s genuinely a part of me that believes that crap.

I might need some of that wine.


Her description of what happened is brutal and horrific. I’ve been viewing Trump as kind of comically incompetent for presidential candidacy, but he is sliding into dangerous violent sociopath territory. Guy gives me the creeps.


wait…I though it was “There’s always money in my banana hammock!”



Not just that.

Trump won’t win the nomination, but someone like Walker might, and he’d drag Clinton to the right in the General.

So, still hoping for Sanders.


We’re not the people watching his shows and donating to his “campaign”.


It’s always been there. We just notice it more now. We also care.

Though, on the other hand-


That’s some straight-up Ghost in the Shell (SAC 2nd GiG) shit…


If being a rapist invalidates someone from being President, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey would probably like to know what the fuck is wrong with America. But here’s hoping that rapist will be America’s First Gentleman.

Just please tell me there’s no dirt on Bernie Sanders…

Trump won’t win the nomination, but someone like Walker might, and he’d drag Clinton to the right in the General.

So, still hoping for Sanders.

I don’t think Trump will win the nom, either, because he’s going off script. As much as they publicly push for liberty, freedom, all that jazz, during an election year, the Republican party doesn’t seem to be big on individuality. They’re looking for a kinder, gentler Republican that can sway the moderates that feel burned by Democrats…and unfortunately for them, I think they’ll have to dig because the only one so far (Jeb Bush) is remarkably unpopular.


I’m not laywer…but is it legal for donald’s lawyers to threaten someone like that?


The key difference is that Clinton and his lawyers claimed he didn’t rape those women, not that it would have been legally impossible for him to have raped those women.


Oh, well, that changes everything.


Only if it’s true that he raped his wife.

Actually depending on the state, this could be construed as an attempt to SLAPP, if they actually followed through and sued.


See look! I’m not racist! I have 80’s sitcom hit actor and comedian Bill Cosby!

I want this to happen. Please show American politics for the joke it is. I want my political system to be so much of a joke it is a parody of itself.


If Donald Trump hasn’t offended you yet, please be patient. He will get to you eventually, but there are 300 million people in the US. These things take time. His staff are working very hard to find new, innovative ways to offend the largest number of people possible at one time.