Trump apologizes for boasting about groping women, says he'll be talking about Bill Clinton more now

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You mean like a successful billionaire businessman?

eta: …with hair?


I’ve wondered in the past, but perhaps I don’t actually want to know what skeletons this monster has in his closet.


I remember the good old days… the days when Republicans talked about the “immaturity and naivety” of their “youth” and they meant their 40’s and sometimes early 50’s… now we’re into their 60’s…


Trump: “Horrible misogynistic comments.”
Look at Bill!


“Notable Psychopath with an Orangutan-complex Donald Trump recites words written by a human being with the ability to feel empathy.”


Is there anything more that can be said about Bill that we don’t already know?


The classical literary account of groping is in the Canterbury Tales (the Miller’s Tale). The groper is a student, so aged about 18. To cut a long story short, he ends up getting branded on the backside, though for indirectly related reasons.
It seems to me that a reasonable response would be to carry out the same punishment on both the harassers in this case, and see how much harm Mrs. Clinton suffers.


Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days.

Bill Clinton may or may not have abused women. He does seem to have settled some lawsuits out of court, and Hillary did defend him. Those are the facts on that end.

Donald Trump admits to being a sexual predatory who sucks on tic tacs because he might kiss someone he finds attractive, however inappropriate, or even “grab their pu$$y” because he thinks he can get away with it. He’s settled lawsuits with women before in exchange for their silence on his activities, and some of their allegations very precisely match what he said he did in this video. So we KNOW he’s abused women, we can only guess that Bill might have, and we can probably forgive Hillary for believing him when he lied and said “she’s trying to get some money from us, you know how it is when you’re well known.”

Now, Donnie boy… you’re running against Hillary, not Bill. You are an admitted, proven sexual offender. Hillary defended a husband she later found out was lying to her. Which do you think is more forgivable as an offense? I’d give you five minutes to contemplate, but you’ll still get the wrong answer.

You’re toast, big guy, just pack up the tents, the circus is done.


Every time the Trump camp says he’ll “never let you down” I have a Pavlovian need to issue my own statement, linked here:


Not clicking on that. This isn’t my first visit to the internet.


Well, er, actually…


True wisdom comes with age?

The people who were rick-rolled are considered the “olds” by internet standards now. I say this as a 27 year old who’s english teacher rickrolled graduation. I am an “old”.


This is an old story, I expect you all know it, but perhaps it bears repetition.

Bill and Hillary pay a visit to Arkansas Illinois* to revisit old haunts. In one place they stop for gas, and the owner of the station comes out because of all the big cars. He says “Hey, Hillary, long time no see. I bet you don’t remember me.”
“Of course I do, Jack,” she says "I remember you from high school. We dated for a bit."
He gets their autographs, they drive off, and Bill nudges Hillary and says “Hey, suppose you’d married him and not me?”
“Yes,” she says, “I bet he’d have kept his pecker in his pants all the time he was in the White House.”

*I apply the correction noted below by @LearnedCoward.


It’s more of an apology than the last one, but it’s still a pretty crappy apology.


It was good–very good–until it went totally off the rails, and negated all the previous good.


Not really.

Very good would have been:

“The jokes I made were offensive towards women, and implied that I had the right to touch their bodies whether they wanted me to or not, which is a horrible thing to say.”. And then going on to say good things about positive consent and women’s rights, and stuff like that.

But that might have alienated any PUAs among his crowd, so he didn’t say it.


OK, I mean you did physically attack and then rape your wife that one time when you were upset about your hair implants, but whatever


First off, Bill Clinton is not running for office this time – you’re 20 years too late there…

Secondly, I’d be a bit careful there Donny. Bill’s not the only one on the receiving end of rape allegations.


“I have two words to express my deep and humble regret of the horrible, vile, misogynistic, and abusive things I got caught saying, and that is: ‘Bill Clinton’”