Elephants abandon stinking shit

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Judging by policies, I’d say Hillary.


Who stands by Trump?
White trash, Evangelicals, Nazis and Klan-baked bigots,
and AmmoSexuals.
Some lineup, huh?


Their delay in condemning this unethical crook, liar, hypocrite, and thief underscores just how bankrupt is their worldview.

Time to put the RepUglyKKKlown worldview into its grave, never to rise again.


I fixed it for you:


Why did you assume that?

I’m a woman too.


I think the suggestion is that Hillary’s policies are not much like May’s, really, and the suggestion that they are betrays an association based on their similar appearance and shared gender.


That’s probably correct, but I think it is more that I identify as a socialist and I am very unhappy with both politicians. Offering shitbags like Trump and Farage (how will he keep in control of his party this time?) as alternatives doesn’t really change that.


So I think Trump just did to America what he did to Nieto in Mexico: he used us for his own purposes. As best I can tell, it’s what he always does. It’s who he is and how he rolls. Neither we, nor the Republican party, nor democratic ideals nor America itself matter to him. It’s all about himself, and his brand, and winning, and he just got himself several million new fans. Our country just got played, and he feels like a winner that we fell for it.


As much as it deeply hurt myself, my brother, and our children and other family members, and friends of hers and ours, I am so grateful that my mother, who was basically a Truman Democrat, died on June 23, 2016, so that she wouldn’t have to bear witness to this madness (for lack of a better world).

(I was raised by two Truman Democrats. Some of the tenets for being one, as I learned were: Be honest. Never forget where you came from. Try to understand the other person’s point of view. Be loyal. Remember that we can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been. The more things change, the more things stay the same. And, of course, to quote Mark Twain, “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”)


It is kind of amazing that this is what’s creating the wedge. There’s nothing new here except that he was trying to sleep with/assaulting other men’s wives - we knew everything else, or should have. I’m not sure what’s more damning - that (some) Republicans were willing to support him when he was the worst kind of demagogue with no regard for the truth whatsoever, an obvious racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, a horrible misogynist (with multiple sexual assault accusations, including one by a child), a bully and possessor of a dangerous personality disorder, a man who displayed no understanding of either domestic or foreign affairs, a con-man and thief, or that this one recording was the “step too far” for some. Really, Republicans, really?


Yes, why is that the straw that broke the elephant’s back, when so many other incidents just as bad or worse could’ve done it? To me, the question is, why is so much of this…this nefarious, disrespectful, dishonorable behavior accepted? And yes, that’s rhetorical; there are just toooo many reasons, and I just can’t list 'em.


Thank you, for this.


Geez, you know things are bad when Herr Gropenfuhrer thinks your behavior is beyond the pale.


KKK folks are still hanging there with tRump. He’s got that going for him.


At first when Rob said their similar appearance, I thought he met a similar appearance in ideology, as it only later occurred to me that they kind of look similar if you squint real hard. But their ideologies do have some superficial similarities that could cast both as modern center-right conservatives (as opposed to wingnuts such as Farage and Trump’s core base, Trump himself being a nihilist). So from a socialist viewpoint, there’s a family resemblance there, and you get the feeling Hillary Clinton and Theresa May would get along well at state functions and such. But there’s also more than a few substantive difference. So I basically agree with both of you. Politically, they’re the same, but different, IMHO.


Sorry Alt-R’s - but this is just one more turd on the shit sandwich you built.

Now - dinner is served.


It’s got what plants crave.


“Make America Grope Again!”

Obviously at some point the GOP was going to have to try and save congressional races; their biggest nightmare isn’t Hillary winning the Presidency, it’s Hillary winning and the GOP losing control of congress. There are enough close races that they could lose the Senate, but I think they’ll keep a slight majority in the House. It’s hard to know if Trump will scare away Republican voters who really care about their local races, even if they have given up on the White House.


Damage control is not a moral Renaissance. They simply do not want to face having been silent when next they are, themselves, on a debate podium. They said they would never support him, then they supported him, now they say they will write-in. Somewhere in there they stopped being liars?

No one ever heard a tape of the word “pussy” and then thought. “You know, those Mexicans might not be so bad after all.” Trump’s platform has never, ever been about Trump. Trump only requires that people hate others more than him. If they do, they won’t throw away their vote on a write-in, even if they lie and say they will.

In this election it isn’t “Watch the Money”. In this election it is “Watch the Hate”. No one ever stopped being a racist warmonger xenophobe because someone else grabbed a pussy. Hearing about a sexual assault never raised anyone’s IQ. The factors that nominated him have not changed.