Trump apologizes for boasting about groping women, says he'll be talking about Bill Clinton more now

(iii) As plaintiff attempted to leave the premises, defendant Trump again became sexually abusive by intimately touching plaintiff’s person and uttering Svengali-type proclamations of “love.” Plaintiff immediately became nauseated and vomited profusely.


The amount of bullshit in there is pretty amazing, this also might be the first time I’ve ever heard him obviously read a written statement (with emphasis on “obvious”-- he’s just rattling off the words, like ‘ok, fine, let’s get this over with.’)

I don’t think this insincere apology will help him.


What, beyond the accusations of child rape? You know, given the shady stuff he’s been into (trying to ruin people, the adult rapes, the frequent thefts and scams, helping out major drug traffickers, working with gangsters), it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if Trump had someone killed at some point. Someone who caused him some real humiliation, but was vulnerable enough that they could have disappeared without anyone asking too many questions. Given tRump’s propensity for holding a grudge (and over nothing, too), I could see tRump, as an adult, taking revenge for some childhood slight.

“It was a youthful indiscretion - I was barely 60. And only recently married, so it doesn’t count as cheating, not like the other times. Plus, Melania was pregnant, so she was gross! You have to expect I was going to screw other women - it’s only reasonable! But that was a long time ago, and once I’m president, I’ll totally change. Well, once I get into office. I promise.”

Seems to me he’d never done anything but pretend to be someone he’s not - successful businessman (and has admitted he misrepresented his success “for business purposes”) and now a level-headed politician and credible candidate for president…

There seems to be significant overlap between the alt-right and PUAs. They both are really into this whole “alpha” thing. I guess getting consent is “beta” behavior.


It started so well!


When I hear chatter on such subjects, I remember I am a “gold” male, ready to ship!


Those things are all part of the industry built around telling losers that they are secretly great and will soon reclaim their rightful place as non-losers.


Well, maybe Trump really is his own publicist?

…or something.



Strangely, the original self help book was “How to win friends and influence people” whereas nowadays it seems to be “How to behave like a complete jerk and still get what your id wants.”

The past always seems rosier, the future darker, but perhaps it’s just the red shift.


Time to update an old saying for the 21st century:

A man who is his own publicist has a fool for a client.

This morning I heard someone say, “I try thinking about this as a publicist and none of the options are good.”


I think this may finally do the trick. I kinda’ do.


“Then he’d be President.”

Minor nitpick: Hillary Clinton is not from Arkansas.


Just like everything before it should have…


Yeah, I’m more of a Piggly-Wiggly male than an Alpha-Beta.

Or even worse… what he might do to those skeletons



I’m English teacher. I’m best English teacher in all of Mother Russia.


At least you know to capitalize “English”…but do you know who’s the poster whose teacher did not seem to teach very well? :wink:


We’re all voting for her, I assume but just because we’ve made that choice does not mean we have to pretend that she hasn’t enabled her husband in some predatory behavior. Nor should we pretend she didn’t verbally harangue a child rape victim because “it was her job” (in any other context how do you feel about someone using that excuse for what she did to that kid in a public court on behalf of a rapist?).

We are all morally compromised here even if we are choosing the extremely lesser of two evils. But let’s not pretend that she’s an all-around “good person”. She’s “reasonably good for an effective politician”, which means that she values people and human rights but not as much as her advancement in her career as demonstrated by her conduct before she got in to politics as a candidate.

Ignoring a candidate’s shitty treatment of others is counter-intellectual and a habitual Right-Wing practice that the stupid and callow do because they are afraid to examine themselves and admit that fear motivates them just as much as the people they accuse of fear-based politics.

Stop trying to convince yourselves you’re voting for a “good person” when you’re intending to vote for the “best person”.


No doubt.