Trump lawyers are exploring his pardoning powers, and how to monkeywrench Mueller's Russia investigation


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I have to think that if Trump pardons everyone, he’ll take a huge political hit, and the impeachment proceedings will begin. But Republicans are strange creatures who do not think the way you or I do. His followers will probably love him all the more for it.



his pardoning powers


That’s not a monkey wrench.


I can’t really imagine a plausible scenario in which Trump doesn’t get frustrated enough a start blanket pardoning. If the last six months have proved anything, it’s that he’s equal parts venal and self-destructive. He’s not getting that he can’t bluster and threaten his way through this like he can in a real estate deal.



In my part of the world we call them channel-lock pliers, or channel-locks. Is this universal or are there regional variants?


The pictured tool would be most often called multigrips in Oz. But, yeah, channel-lock pliers is what we’d call 'em if we wanted a technical description.

Definitely not a wrench, though. Wrenches are for twisting, pliers are for gripping.



Fuck, that’s a dark, valid, and perfectly compelling point of view. The only counterpoint that I can offer is that it does not seem to be advancing his causes beyond mere survival, and I kind of doubt he’s having fun in the traditional sense.



I was getting hardened to Trump’s psychotic bonehead moves, but this shattered them.


I really doubt that the current Congress would do anything after the first round of pardons.

But there’s a loophole because of the foreign policy implications. The people doing the investigation can say, “We need to find out how badly the US has been compromised by the Russians. To that end, we need you to give a complete accounting of all the crimes that you’ve been pardoned for. Because you’ve been pardoned, you can’t take the fifth. If you commit perjury or obstruction during questioning, then that’s a new crime and isn’t covered by the existing pardons.”

That would inevitably lead to a second round of pardons. Congress still wouldn’t do anything, but two or three of the moderates would feel a little bit ashamed of themselves, and I think that’s the best we can hope for.


A president can only pardon federal crimes. Many of the possible crimes - money laundering - financial crimes etc - are also crimes in NY.

Eric Schneiderman - start your engines!


On a quiet night even deep in the Shawnee Forest you can hear his sphincter scrunching up tighter as the days go by. While I prefer to hear the frogs and crickets, still theres a certain pleasure in hearing this. He thought himself a god but now he hears the hounds of justice and they’re hungry. Put those tiny little hands together and pray Donnie boy


Can he pardon himself? Nixon had to wait for Ford to pardon him, so I don’t think that it works that way, or can it?


Catch-22. Nixon was never impeached or charged, and it’s up to Congress to define “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Abuse of power is as good as any other.

Maybe he can look into investing in indulgences instead?




His primary frustration centers on why allegations that his campaign coordinated with Russia should spread into scrutinizing many years of Trump dealmaking.

He should be worried, because there is Republican precedent. Once you are into scrutinizing Real Estate Deals that opens the door to investigating Blow Jobs.


Pardoning someone implies . . . nay, admits they did something criminal.

You can’t pardon someone who is innocent.

This is the knife you stick in the hearts of his most loyal lickspittles.